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  1. just another song i am trying out in another genre... opinions?   Nora Jones - Dont Know Why     John Mayer - Free Fallin     john mayer Gravity 
  2. thank you so much!! this means a lot. yes  my dad isa professional guitar player for around 35 years. ive always sang since i was very little... i was in a bad car wreck as a baby and had a lot of family issues and was always in and out of the hospital as a kid so music really was my outlet for emotion. i think im just struggling i feel lost like i dont know what genre i belong to... i love indie folk and piano but i hear id do well with a swinger or jazz type singing... but i just dont really care for jazz
  3. 25, Female No singing lessons.. Feist - 1234  Keane - "Somewhere Only We Know"   opinions? thank you!