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  1. Thanks guys! Really means a lot! I'm like to think that I'm not impatient, just anxious! Excited for the results after seeing, or i guess hearing, what's possible!  And Robert, we are lucky to have a place like this to get advice. Just wish I'd found it sooner!
  2. Just wondering how long it usually takes people to make progress in certain areas.   Bridging?   Connecting?   Getting a "chesty" sound in the head voice?   I'm not meaning significant progress, just some noticeable progress.  I've been training with the Four Pillars for the past couple weeks and I've successfully bridged a handful of times.  (You have no idea how excited/shocked i was when it happened). So i feel i'm making pretty good progress there.  I can get a connected sound in head voice pretty easily when practicing.  It's a little harder to maintain the connection when singing actual lyrics.  But the last part is what really gets me.  When singing phrases ranging from, let's say, C4-A4, I feel i can get in and out of my chest voice fairly decently, but while there's not a noticeable "break", it doesn't sound like the same voice at all.  I'm definitely not expecting this to be a quick process by any means, but does anyone have any idea when i might notice my head voice starting to sound like my chest voice? And i don't necessarily mean my head voice sounding meaty, just more like my chest voice in general. (hope that makes sense!)   I've been trying to practice at least 4-5 days a week.  I usually do the foundation building routine, then add some bonus scales and sirens afterwards to get more practice with my onsets (mainly Dampen&Release, Wind&Release, and Contract&Release) and bridging. When i get more comfortable with my bridging I plan to start working on the other exercises in the program. 
  3. Sent you an email I appreciate your hard work and dedication to your art!
  4. Robert, is there a cost for updating the program? And where would I go to do this?
  5. Actually one question Robert.  I've watched the lectures on onsets and I looked in the book and I'm still not quite sure how to actually perform this pulse & release onset? Am I missing it somewhere?
  6. Thanks guys! I really appreciate all the quick responses! I am really into this style of singing and it's what I want to do most.  I'm excited to start training this kind of sound, but don't worry, I won't be neglecting the other work! Not looking to be a one-trick pony
  7. So yeah I'm pretty new at this whole singing thing.  Only been trying to sing seriously for about a year or so.  I just got into the Four Pillars program and i just can't express how badly I want my head voice to sound like my chest voice.  Robert's voice is obviously amazing, and that's what I'm aiming for.  I just had some questions about a couple clips on youtube.  I don't know if these singers are pulling chest or singing in a strong head voice.   First clip is Tyler Carter singing Fame Over Demise by Woe is Me: At 0:56 ("I'll build my way out of your demise") he sings from an F4 up to a Bb4.  Is he just able to belt this out in chest or is he singing that Bb in head?   Next is Brendon Urie singing This Is Gospel: at 0:38 ("If you love me let me go") he holds that A4 (seemingly pretty easily).  Is this head voice?   I appreciate any responses.  Like I said, I'm new and just looking to learn.  Would take lessons if I could afford them.  And also if these guys aren't singing in head voice, is it possible to sound practically identical when singing the same phrases in head voice?  Thanks guys! Best of wishes to everyone!