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  1. Hi Robert... Please tell me.. if I'll enroll for this course..... then for the moment can I directly jump to that part "quack & relewse onset" as u mentioned? Or will u advice me to go from the starting of the course like from lesson 1 and then by covering all lessons sequentially reaching to that lesson in order?
  2. Thank you so much.. I'm so glad that you liked it. Request you to subscribe to my youtube channel if you can. I'll be coming up with some more western songs soon and hopefully with something better. Thanks a lot once again for appreciation.
  3. Ok thank you so much ... I'll check it out and will try my best to improve on this aspect. Thanks once again for your kind feedback...
  4. Hello Friends, I am coming back here on this site after a long and infact was not singing since long time due to some reasons.. I am Umesh from India. And sometimes I love to sing western songs as well. Please take out a little of your valuable time to watch my this cover song and let me know how it is ? I would love to hear your feedback. And also if you like it in my voice then please do subscribe my youtube channel. I am coming up with many more covers soon. Waiting for kind and valuable feedback and suggestion.
  5. ​Hi Elvis.. I don't think that U really needed to redo it... .. What I really like about your recording is that you got a powerful voice and you sang it in your own style... Cool..
  6.   Yes sure man ...   This time I have Adam Levine or Michael Buble in my mind for my next cover ... Both are however almost completely opposite but they are my favorite singers..   Let's see what I can do... Need sometime to make another and hopefully post it soon..
  7.   Hehe... Infact these kids made a cute version of this song ) .. Liked it..
  8.   Ohhhh I see... yeah I've also noticed that many people don't like James Blunt   but anyways I love this song hehe...   And yes you are somehow correct. Many Names in India are like this ..   cool seems you know quite a much about India   Well Thanks again bro.. I will try to work on my accent in future.. Let's see...
  9.   Hi Cynthia   Yes you are right, there is no end to learning. Thanks a ton for ur this wonderful advice. I will keep in mind. And you too have a great Sunday ahead.   Cheers!!
  10.   Hi Elvis,   Haha.. How come you know that I'm Indian ? Well you are right brother it's really very tough for me to catch the accent of these Western and American songs. Well still I do love to sing them   But if you can help me by figuring out the words where my accent was wrong, I will try to improve them in my future singing but again can't guarantee as You know I got a complete different Indian accent   ...   And thank you so much for your appreciation bro... didn't expected that someone will like it even more than orignal.. hehe )     Thanks a lot once again for ur valuable time to watch my this recording.
  11.   Hi Cynthia ...   Pleasure to listen to you... You got a very unique style in your singing. Can't give any suggestion or review as you seems to be a very professional singer and I am just a beginner in it haha.   But I would like to say I thoroughly enjoyed listening your song. Cool B)
  12. Hey Magika..   Thanks a lot for ur appreciation. I will try to improve more and hopefully in future could able to arrange something for more quality recording.. Thanks again