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  1. Hi everyone, I asked for feedback here over a year ago and really took the advice to heart! I've been practicing some more, but feel that I've kind of hit a wall with improvement. I want to become technically better and have a stronger voice (I feel I sound weak when I sing and I sound a bit flat) and I would like better vocal control. Any suggestions on what I could work on in particular? I'm open to any kind of constructive criticism since I want to get to the next level, thank you in advance to anyone responding! My Soundcloud:
  2. I'm pretty new to singing, I've just been singing for fun with my friends and playing guitar etc. for the last few years. I got more into singing in the last 6 months and would just love to hear any constructive critism or comments you have! Feel free to be mean, I am aware my singing is far from perfect and am just looking for ways to improve :> Thanks if you take the time and listen, I really truly appreciate it! Here's the link to my karaoke app profile with some duets and solos