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  1. 1. Mic, 2. Instrument, guitar, bass etc, 3. Electric foot drum. At the moment I have a cheep mic mixer. In my old line 6 micro spider amp I have 2 inputs one for guitar other for mic. I plug the mixer into mic channel. I made a guitar amp from a 12v car sub woofer. Modified as via this tutorial acoustic amp. This works well for instruments and my stompbox but vocals suck. Using a desk with xtra eq helps when I tested with my guitar pedal or using my older line 6 into the amp gives better results. Also the mixer I mentioned in the topic is still fairly big. I did also say something small and portable like a 4 channel audio interface that I can also use for my busking setup would be good. Either powered by its own battery or an external. So would help if it was 9v or 12v. Most I seen arnt.
  2. Not sure if this fits here hope any ops will be kind enough to move it to a more appropriate place on forums. Hi today I am looking for a small portable mixing desk. With 2 or 4 channels and hopefully battery powered or at least 9v or 12v so I can mod it for battery when out and about. That said there is this Behringer XENYX 1002B This is kind of big for my portable busking setup but if it's the only option will save After thinking about things it would be handy if I could get a small desk that was usb as well as battery and having outputs for speakers too. Then I could use it for recording in pc ans take in my busking setup. Any ideas would help
  3. Hi all I am a singer/songwriter musician who plays guitar, bass, ukulele etc and I go busking from time to time. sure i am in no way a professional at all. I have just made a neat amp from a sub woofer which has a mod added to the circuit which bypasses the low frequency filter in the sub. (for more info see Acoustic Amplifier where i got the idea i have the same 12v car sub at bottom of page) thsi amp can be powered by mains and battery and i intend to use it for busking. The amp sounds great especially for guitar/bass and my electric stompbox foot drum. only problem is the microphone is not quite loud enough by itself. into this amp i have a small portable microphone mixer pictured below. this just gives me 4 channels into the amp, with no effects, eq or boost. i need a boost for the microphone, a small battery powered pedal. it does not have to be an expensive unit. i am just wanting to see my options. on another note I have seen many professional microphone pedals by tc helicon, boss etc many which are not battery powered. so not sure what i could use at all. initially just needing a boost to the mic i am not against looking at other battery powered mic effects pedals if they are good and give vocal effects too. I am kind of on a Low budget so would love to know any low cost options first, Thanks for taking the time to read and apply to this post.