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  1. Hello,   I'm quite curious about the following Microphones for home recording, and was wondering if anyone could perhaps shed some lights on each of the mic's area of expertise is at and what type of vocal they're most suited for?   Rode NT1 Shure SM7B AKG c214 Rode NT2A (is this just a slightly better version of NT1?) Neumann TLM 102 (how does this compare to the others here? since it's at a higher price range ~$650)   The type of vocal I'm focusing on are similar to the following:   Would Shure SM7B and AKG c214 be better for deeper/fuller voice vocal like these? From some of the mic test videos I looked up on youtube, it seems these 2 mics are pretty perfect for such tones. Am I correct? But what's the difference between SM7B and AKG c214? it's so hard to distinguish between these two.   In some, I've found the SM7B seems to sounds better, yet in others, the AKG c214 seems to edge out SM7B.   Then there's vocals like this one where the sounds are higher and thinner. Is Rode NT1 or condenser mics more suited for this job? Most of the mics above are around the $350 range, while the Neuman tlm 102 is around the $650 range... is ths price justified when compared to the other great mics at a slightly lower price range? And does anyone have any other mics they would recommend perhaps? On a side note, what PC Audio Interface would you guys recommend? for a home studio/recording with the mics above? A young talented youtube singer uses her Rode NT1 with TASCAM US-144MKII and seems to produce great quality recordings, would that PC Audio Interface be a good choice? or does anyone have any suggestions?