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  1. So Nasal Consonants are too weak alone to train the voice. Seems I need to be focusing on plosives and Glides then to really improve the strength of my head voice as fast as possible?
  2. Rob thank you for the very in-depth reply. That really clarifies things for me. And Dan, did you ever hear how Marvin Gaye Does always does big "Wooo" Slides down from head voice?
  3. I know I am in head voice when I do the nay nay nay, But it is easier to balance and sound smooth during the exercise than it is when singing an actual song.
  4. Additionally, when I'm doing exercises that force closure, like "nay nay nay", I can get more volume and clarity than when I'm actually singing in head voice
  5. Hi. My head voice is very weak. I hadn't even started to sing in it since a few months ago. I cannot make it very loud. please recommend me some exercises to make my head voice stronger. Thanks I've been doing the goo and nah noises.
  6. Certainly very moody and emotional. Not what I was expecting from you Rob. I can see you put alot of effort into style in this. Overall, I didn't like it. Seems Over-Sold.
  7. Most People speak about mixed voice like it's an actual combination of mix and head voice. However, after seeing this video, I think that I agree with Rob on this one. It's about thickening head voice to sound like chest Voice and thinning Head to sound like Chest. Please help me clear up this confusion
  8. Sloppy but I enjoyed this. You have a very eddie Vedder Pronunciation
  9. I guess now my question is to get more volume, should I just gradually increase from what I can already do, which is barely loud enough to do soft music with an acoustic guitar, or should I start from square one but do everything with some volume and intensity?
  10. Wow thanks for all the in-depth replies! I have noticed actually that my vowels automatically sharpen now as I go into mixed voice. Thing is, once I go into mixed, I cannot raise the volume or intensity. It's as if I was trapped under a ceiling. I was hoping that that was only because I was new at it. Recently it feels like I can bring my chest up a little higher in mixed voice. So VideoHere, I think the problem I'm coming across is still getting my head and chest voices to cooperate.
  11. I have recently started to bridge the gap between my chest voice and head voice. However, I can only mix the two while singing at a very low volume. I know you have to thin out chest to make the transition but I cannot seem to keep enough of it in my sound without breaking. I'm making progress but am confused as to how to get my volume up. When you first start to bridge the two voices, Is this usually the case?
  12. No such thing as "good enough for Open mic really". That's why they are "Open" mics.
  13. Eat a huge slab of Wasabi before singing.  Always works.
  14. ​GSoul, This link doesn't work for me.