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  1. I think you should be true to yourself if your not a screamer. dont force it. But maybe you can discover it on your voice. Im not a screamer teacher so I have no clue how youd do that : ( I didnt necessarily mean screaming, but more BOLDNESS, it doesnt have to have a scratch or distortion quality to it Heres my tribute, my mistake lolz
  2. You have a naturally gorgeous voice, wow. But it does need to be tweaked a bit like the other guys said. You have a ton of potential. You did a good job, keep up the good work = D
  3. Wow, you sound just like chester-you have a beautiful voice just like him. I really like it! On some parts, sing with a bit more aggression, more oomph. Like here- "what Ive done!" when you start that line put more bam into it.Other parts, need to be more smoothed and less pressured- like at the end. I also did a chester tribute.. Here it is the synching isnt that great but it was hard to do! Im not a producer
  4. Hello singers! Please give me your honest opinion and take your time for constructive criticism if needed. I did my best and have just recently switched over to softer music! Here it is, its a little about 1 minute