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  1. Glad i'm not the only one that caught this as being fake. Maybe he really does impersonations but why not post actual clips of it? Here is a guy (Stevie Riks) that does and posts real clips and videos of his impersonations (some of which are funny/parodies.
  2. Not to be rude or overly skeptical but are you sure you really posted your impersonation track as opposed to maybe accidently posting the vocals track from actual song that's taken from rockband multitracks which are on posted from various sources on you tube? For example If the track was you then its dead on impersonation not just the singing but the effects and sound of the recording backgroud bleed...
  3. Ask this guy I think i've seen ad in every guitar and music related magazine for this perfect pitch program...
  4. Roy Orbison had such a distinctive sound from which his vibrato was an integral part. Layne Staley (one of my all time favorite singers) had really great/cool vibrato. He was known to sing rock. Steven Tyler by contrast (also one of my all time favorite singers) mostly sings with no or only subtle vibrato (but can and has sung before with really good vibrato too). Generally in rock i don't think heavy vibrato always would work well especially continuously throughout a song but more just every here and there could work very well(with more moderate to subtle vibrato). Of course, it really depends on the song and style of music i guess.
  5. Excellent pitch and tonal quality to you voice! Beautiful voice. My one item of criticism would me at times it seemed like you were maybe tired and thus lacking some rock edge that would otherwise been there. Still was very cool. Huge Beatles fan here.
  6. Cool! I'm a huge aerosmith fan. Would be cool to hear whole song (or at least more) and with some musical backing. Speaking of dream on, here is short acoustic clip of the guitar middle solo section i recorded few years ago.