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  1. Ah, A(cat), Eh, EE, Aw, OO (look), o (who), ih (six) Aye (may). Make sure they resonate, don't sound weird. If your EE vowel kicks ass, morph it to Eh without a diphthong during transition and make sure it's placed just as well as your EE. Hours of fun.
  2. ohh ok. I'm guessing you mean VideoHere. Now Ron's comment makes sense.
  3. Wait, so is Bob a real person? Or is it an inside joke and my fight club quote accidentally hit the nail on the head... 'We are all Robert Pulson'.
  4. Sometimes stuff just doesn't click (or does... Ba dum Ba Tsh.). It's a daily thing, hell, it's a time of day thing for me, I just gotta accept sometimes stuff isn't going to work when I want it to. I get the unfortunate pleasure of having lessons with my teacher early in the AM due to time differences. He gets to see me at my worst. It's actually worked out to make me a lot more consistent at random times during the day and week though rather than just be ready to go at 10pm on Friday/sat nights and Sunday arvos. Actually as I've just written that, I've realised maybe a huge part of it has bee
  5. Don't know if I'm frightened or turned on. Maybe I'm frightened because I'm turned on. I'm never showing that clip to my wife.
  6. 'unfortunately, as I have said before, I have no clue WHAT kind of singers are on this forum....since most people talk ABOUT singing, but dont show any ACTUAL singing. Its more of a 'singing discussion' forum than a hardcore 'singing' forum' origins of my screen name!
  7. All of the above. To me, it's also the ability to just go out there and sing songs how they are meant to be sung. There's no weirdness. The technique is hidden by the artistry. Doesn't matter how easy or how hard the song is in terms of range/dynamics/timbres... Just sing it well.
  8. You're a good bloke Ron. I never thanked you for that book recommendation 'Secrets of Heavy Rock Singing' by Bill Martin and everything else. I enjoy your posts. Keep on modding!
  9. both incredible singers with different influences and timbres. Farnham takes a lot From RnB/Soul singers here... Tom Had A lot of that in him anyway. Never really picked up on it in Farnsy before. A lot of my favourites seem to have that influence somewhere in their singing. Everyone from Dio to Coverdale, Plant, Bon Jovi, Lou Gramm, Steve Perry you name it... have a lot of deep soul influence. It's made me go back and really listen to Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Aretha, Etta James, Muddy Waters, Curtis Mayfield, Percy Sledge. Lovin it!
  10. From an Aussie TV show in the early 90's... Enjoy! A couple of my favourite voices.
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