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  1. Thanks for the replies! It's nice knowing that he uses head voice a lot. I'm going to record myself singing and post here maybe tomorrow if the recording equipment works. From now on instead of straining my voice with very high chest notes (for me at least) I will use my head voice more.
  2. I'm trying to sing some Roy Orbison songs and I just don't quite know to do his higher notes. When I try to hit the high notes in chest voice they come out belty and they strain my voice quick. I usually have to resort to head voice to pull these notes off. The example below the notes I have trouble with are after the 1min mark like "just before the dawn", "i awake and find you gone", "its do bad that all these things". I can hit the notes with a clean head voice but I'm having trouble distinguishing how high I should go with my chest voice in Roy Orbison's songs. I'm a male tenor with a chest range of around C3 to F4 where the F and G seem to require belting or using mixed voice. /watch?v=TPqZs7Vl_xg Around the 2min mark h says "Anything you Waaaa-aaaaa--aaant" I the last pitch and subsequent "oooooh" I have to use head voice to hit. /watch?v=NcGzwyTvkIQ
  3. Loved it. Quite a bit different from the original but it sounded awesome!
  4. This sounded awesome! The low end could have used a little more volume but that's about it. I want to hear you cover Take Hold Of The Flame or Sister Suite Mary next!
  5. Was this meant as a cover of the original or the Fiver Finger Death Punch version? The guitar says original but the voice says cover version. The guitar is great but I don't like the modern rock style singing. I'm not a pro or anything but I believe what is happening is the higher notes are being belted instead of using a strong head voice? Just offering my thoughts. I don't mean to offend anyone.