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  1. Thanks Pekka and felixp, will try using more of my head voice the next time, would love to hear your critics
  2. Hello everyone! Did a piano song cover of the song "Skinny Love" covered by Birdy. (cover of a cover to be exact haha), please let me know what you think Hopefully, I get to learn more and improve on my singing skills through your reviews and critics! Also, I just received a condenser mic (model: Takstar GL-100USB) but I'm having difficulty getting it to work. Is it a must to plug in the headphone jack? Will it make any difference? Many thanks and have a great week ahead!
  3. I guess only Karaoke allows me to scream that loud, that's why I do it. But yup I got it, hopefully I'm singing correcty (from diaphragm rather than throat)! Haha. Thanks for the tip!
  4. I can't belt out my voice at home, so I've been going to karaoke to practice and "scream" high notes haha. Will that help to increase my vocal range? Hey Pekka, thanks so much, and I love Jessie J too!
  5. Hi! Thank you, I'm still taking a look around here! NaomiTanWG's my username. I usually listen to pop songs I guess, and sometimes R&B/country. Okay I think I tend to "mimick" the way the singer of the particular song sang...but then again I sound pretty much the same every song...
  6. Do help, what kind of vocal style do I have? And I think I can't really reach high notes using my "real" voice, but it could be because I live among many people and was afraid of being judged? But I feel abit strained singing too high a note. Also, I haven't had any vocal training. https://www.facebook.com/NaomiTanWG/videos/10153872013253272/?pnref=story
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