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  1. Thanks for the update Rob. I ment to post the clips I recorded but got side tracked. I'm pretty worried of developing polyps or nodules. I was also reading I could just have a lot of mucus on my chords as I feel the need to clear my throat constantly. ill post the samples asap and download the updated pillars. Thanks again. I'm thinking it might be better if I call you doing the $1 a minute option.
  2. Also..based on the sirens I shared what type of voice so I have? Baritone? Tenor? Bass? Always wondered
  3. Rob I was just going to email you but I saw you posted on here. I've been hard at work trying to stop the grinding. It's pretty hard as I feel like I'm back at square one. I was going to email you because im feeling a little paranoid and worried I might have damaged my vocal chords over time. I don't know if you remember or not But i was telling you thru a couple emails that my voice recently has been very pingy..almost vocal fry sounding It never used to be that way. Even when I am just talking there is a constant buzz and it's driving me insane. I'm scared all the "grinding" has hurt me. Non of the artist I listen to has this buzzing frequency just cutting thru everything they say. It's very frustrating. Tomorrow I'm going to do some light workouts like the lift up pull back. I'll send you a sample of what it sounds like. Just wondering if your experience can help me out with something or I should get some medical help
  4. Thanks Rob. I will try more W&R onsets. I also watched the video you posted. Right off the assembly line I'm going to make sure im in a light mass.
  5. Ok I've had pillars for little over a month..I have read the book and watched all the lectures..I rewatch whatever video I'm about to train before I do. Like I would watch the Q&R video then I train it. I always start off with my resonant tracking..I spend about 30 minutes buzzing...then i do some track and release. After that I dive right into Q&R. I enjoy that workout a lot actually.. I think it comes a little easy for me because of the training I was doing with KTVA. It's learning when to lighten the mass is where I fall short. As I figured and Rob said I'm grinding to much. While training I slowly become aware of this when my voice fatigues. I struggle with it a lot. I feel I lose all control when I don't "grind" I wish I had the money for Skype lessons cause I would be skyping them all day lol. I absolutely love music and love to sing. I mainly been doing Q&R..some D&R..I recently started practiceing messa di voce. I enjoy that workout also. W&R is pretty challenging because I feel I waste my support and it craps out. I completely understand what it does and I actually use it in my songs. A lot for I's and h words. Thank you all very much for chiming in. I really appreciate it
  6. Thanks for the replies. I know learning to sing takes time. I got the patience and dedication for it. I just want any and all the feedback I can get. I'm hoping many others would lend their feedback and guidance.
  7. Hello everyone. I'm not all that good at introductions but I been singing for a while without any type of training other then mimicing my influences until i ran across KTVA. i started to train ken's method for about 2 years. my voice grew but i couldn't bridge my voices to save my life. i always had Mr. Lunte's program in mind but money and determination to breakthrough with KTVA kept me from purchasing it. I finally picked up pillars and so far i love it..Mr. Lunte is great and easy to connect with. i was emailing him for a while until he advised i post on the forum so everyone else can chime in. bridging is still an issue for me. when it comes to resonant tracking i feel i get the buzzing and if i try to keep it thru my break my voice just craps out.. if i lighten it i can get thru but i lose a lot of buzz. i have some samples of me doing octave sirens. i recorded these today. i got all the way up to f4. after that i felt like i was pushing so i stopped. I'm willing to bet I'm carrying to much weight up. I'm going to have to set up a sound cloud account..but i used this for now