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  1. hi guys i have couple for problems.Please help me guys 1.Recently i found my headvoice i can feel the buzz in my nasal cavity and also around head area but it sounds girls why??? will it gradually be more powerful as it train? 2.My voice changes its tone when move from chest to head why does it happen?what excercise should i do and how to smooth it ? or should let my voice break so that it changes over time?? 3.While doing wee wee excercise i can really sing high notes but i cant transalate it to my singing because when i sing i can only sing less higher notes why?will it gradually change as i practice?? 4.what excercises do you suggest for chest to head connection? I am really sorry that this post is long its because i have no one to ask to and what to search . I would like to get some suggestions and i want it really bad plz help me Thank you
  2. i have searched a lot to get vocal scales to practice but im not so sure about it so would u please suggest me some samples of these scales scales i need are double octave scale and 3 octave scale i would also like what a long scale i would like to get some samples so than i can play and practice thank you
  3. Can I practice mum and nays nays together or should I train seperately
  4. i am a complete beginner who started using singing for stars program by seth riggs what i did was that i did edge excercises before nays nays and mum mum so does that mean that edge excercises would be of no benefit to me i would like to know about how to nay nay nay properly should i do it everyday and how often how should i feel or what sensations should i have while doing nay nay nay how should a perfect nay nay be and should it stop doing after doing it perfectly and move on to mum mum