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  1. I'm hoping to connect with some good producers to make some original stuff
  2. Hi Robert, thank you very much According to the technical aspects I have been struggling a lot with bridging smoothly from chest to head (it took me years). It has gotten a lot better, and now I am able to do that, but I always find myself sounding way to thin all the time, so a lot of people think that my head voice is actually falsetto. I can't seem to find a way to get the correct resonance, and I'm not talking about belting high notes, it's more basic than that. Singing from C4 to F#4 is really hard for me (not in terms of effort but in terms of making it sound right). It just always sounds way way way too thin, which is cool sometimes but not always. I used a Blue Yeti USB microphone for the recording, which is actually not that good, but it's okay for a budget mic. - Kasper
  3. A cover I did yesterday. I would appreciate to get some feedback on my technique. - Kasper