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  1. The_Tortoise

    Classical technique thread

    Yes that is belting/full voice/mixed voice. have you had lessons before? Any tips on how you learnt to do that? G#4 is my highest note in my full voice. PS. That B4 kinda sounded like Brett Manning lol.
  2. The_Tortoise

    This guy's vocal technique...

    I've to sing in this genre i.e Indian/Bollywood. I can hit those notes in a belty "Ken Tamplin" style but can't sing them like this. I wanna sing light yet moderately powerful. A weird "crying" or whiny sound is all I get when I attempt that and I break alot. What is this guy's technique? This is the sound I crave. (At 6:00) Jesus Christ.. that ease yet fullness. At 00:28 I cannot even do an F4 this easy.. A range like this from C4 is C5 is all I need for my singing.