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  1. Thanks for all the replies! I think I am much clearer about what I want now. Since I don't live in the USA I probably will not be ordering from the vocal store, but I'll try to see if I can find anything similar here. But even as I learn more more questions come! 1. What actually goes into the process of "mixing" a track? You see it on the movies all the time where sound engineer adjust this dial or that - what's it really like? 2. How do I know which mic might or might not suit my voice? Do I just try them all in the store?
  2. Both vocal teachers that I've had recommend that I sing with/through a smiling position, since it reduces strain on the throat and neck area. I think this is pretty good advice, but I'd like to know if : 1) There are other positions one can sing in and 2) How do you sing sad songs then? Kind of hard (though possible) to smile and be sad, but I find it weird to sing like that.
  3. Thanks for being so patient with me. So the M-track is basically something that allows you to plug multiple instruments and devices into? But if I am only recording vocals, what's the difference between using that and a really good microphone? So after I record something, I then go and twiddle with Reaper/Audacity to get it to sound like how I want?
  4. Thanks for your reply! A few questions though : m-audio m-track - What exactly is this? I Googled it and I get that it's a device of some it like a super good mic? Or something that makes your mic better? But you cannot mix effects levels in real time. - What are effect levels?
  5. Hi all! I was thinking of doing some recordings to put on Youtube, but I am a complete novice to recording - all I have is a 10 dollar mic I picked up at my local hardware shop. Needless to say it doesn't exactly record very well. What would I need to make a decent/semi-decent recording? I'm just doing this as a hobbyist so my budget is not much, perhaps in the 100-200 dollar range. A problem that I encounter with just using a mic is making sure I can record both the sound coming from my speakers and my voice as well. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!