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  1. Hi their, I'm looking for singers to collaborate with on tracks. Singers just need to be able to create, I can't fully producer 2, 3, 4 fully produced mastered tracks for them to choose from or knock back, time is precious. You need to know that a track started is not the same as a track finished. I'm constantly making track demos/shorts to give starting points for singers to choose from, then these tracks will adapt, sometimes change a lot to suite the singer. I do offer my stuff for sell in TV/Media so the vocals need to be original and not from a previous song, or it can't be sold, and the singers can not be signed or contracted to any 3rd parties (e.g. Agent, Label etc.) You can have an agent but if your contracted to them then again the music can't be sold. Companies who buy or lease the music are only interested original music who they deal with only one party/person. However if you have a signed contract which excludes them from your full rights and your full rights are intact then we can collaborate. Lyrics have to be original, no covers, copies of others work, no copying melodies etc, as these become flagged and 3rd party companies will try claim copyright. As a Singer you need to own Full Rights to your work, if your signed with a label or manager you need to check if you do or they can take a cut of your earnings or any work. I would enter into a contract per song and minus mastering costs if needed will share equal 50%-50% With me Producer and you the Singer. If any musicians are needed their percentage is dependant on their part in the song. e.g. if they do a bass link which is primaryly as big a part of the song then it would become a 3 way split. I'm a fair person and if singers later try to hold tracks to ransom to gain unfair bigger shares, the tracks will be dumped or deleted. If you only sing covers you should try sing to some of the demo's first and send me a clip of you singing. Thanks for reading this long post and hope to work with some of you soon, here is some track idea's needing vocals, remember these can be produced to something different. Examples of previous tracks: These are Track Demos looking for Original Vocals. Click and Scroll this one to see tracks.