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  1. thanks so much for the advice. Should i also follow that up with some fava beans and a nice chianti?
  2. Thank you sir, you are really helpful.
  3. wow, some great info. i will have to check out the 2020 and 4040. what about the MXL 3000 or MXL 990 would you recommend either of those?
  4. Hmmmm good response. We do more of a new style rock. anything from sounding like Emery, to Memphis may Fire or Chiodos, to Brand New. now as far as my voice, I'm a high note guy so most of my vocals will peak normal mics (gives it that high ringing sound where i have to pull away from the mic to continue the note). I guess i worded that one part wrong, I should have said I have a soft singing voice, that really doesn't matter as much as the range for me. the decibel levels i can work with more than hertz. Thanks for the help.
  5. So i need some help, My band has split and we have decided just to become a studio band and record from home. I have a stage mic which was just a cheap purchase but I would like a really nice studio mic to record with. So here is my issue. I have a really high voice for a male maybe in the 180 hertz range and also very soft spoken (I know the worst combination for a singer). So I may need a mic that is going to substitute or be able to pick up some lows out of my voice (if this is even possible). I would prefer a condenser mic, but any suggestions are welcome. I know i will have to try out mics to find the one I would like. I just have no idea where to start. our first album was with a studio that doesn't exists anymore and I liked his set up but I can't remember what the mic was. I can post a song if need be to help suggestions. I know I can spend thousands of dollars on a mic but lets make this best mic for me on a budget. until you convince me I need this mic to make this work. Thanks in advance.