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  1. SK Acoustics introduces its latest sound booth designed exclusively for singers with dynamic vocal ranges Introducing the SK Acoustics AEF Legato Vocal Booth The Soundkitz AE-F Legato Vocal Booth offers singers improved levels of acoustic support when recording dynamic vocal ranges. This is thanks in part to its Dynamic Voice System (D.V.S.) developed by SK Acoustics for capturing dynamic vocal ranges see the Soundkitz Legato's Vocal Sound Filter The Legato’s system features a series of acoustic panels that address the depth and range of a singer’s voice so you can Customize the acoustics to suit your voice To offer additional support the Legato Vocal Booth features an adjustable ceiling panel to give vocalist better control over capturing their vocals. This is especially helpful for singers with a broader voice looking to fine tune their sound. The SK Legato Vocal Booth is a universal acoustic tool. It is designed to be used in both treated and non acoustically treated rooms making it accessible to recording enthusiast at all levels of experience. We've added many features to this innovative vocal booth to provide you with the best possible recording experience (more product information available at Soundkitz Recording Equipment .