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  1. So, after you listened to my cover which exercise do you suggest?
  2. Maybe... But i know what's the difference between falsetto and head voice and my head voice is not so "airy".
  3. Hi guys I've been trying to cover this song for a while.. The problem is... that when i sing the high notes, my head voice tone is too bright (maybe?). I try to make it sound more chesty but all i got is this Thinking Out Loud Cover It sound to me that the sound is too light and breathy, isn't it? What exercise should i do to improve that?
  4. Thank you for your support, you've opened my eyes!! Are you something like "the god of singing"?
  5. Maybe the Strenght of my mix voice? What's your advice?
  6. I tried to sing "let's Marvin Gaye and Get it on" by Charlie Puth but when the chorus comes He sing like this Charlie Puth - Marvin Gaye (Live) and I sing like this Let's Marvin Gaye and Get it On (cover). His voice sounds like the chest voice while my voice sounds like head voice What am i doing wrong? And how can i fix it?