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  1. sirens up thru the break are pretty standard. but sometimes what u need to do is first off find the correct headvoice that you want. once you find that nice sounding headvoice, its then a matter of learning how to smoothly connect from the lower range up to the higher range smoothly. I find it helpful to feel the resonance in different places. like when u r singing lower range its mostly down in the throat and u dont really have to think about it much. Then as you go higher you'll want to start feeling more of the vibration up higher like on the roof of the mouth. It may also
  2. yeah, great singer but to reiterate for the nth time...its tough to sound like Ronnie lol besides whatever natural vibe RobL has to his voice, it sounds to me like he is lifiting the soft palate and really trying to move the resonance way up high (out of the lower throat) to make sure he can get the range...which is exactly what id do too! lol Problem being it slightly loses some of that roundness that Dio gets
  3. definitely attainable IMO. In most activities the progress isnt "linear". In other words you make quick gains at certain points and then nothing seems to happen for a while etc. Your control and awareness will grow and you'll have better control over your sound
  4. I think there is a fine line there. You DO have to be "into it" to hit certain notes etc. BUT, just getting excited and yelling isnt going to get you anywhere. Your capabilities can be built over time and then they are there for you after you warmup a bit etc I personally dont think there is anything wrong with testing yourself and "going for it" on occasion, just to see what you can do, but first you should establish some reason to test yourself. In other words lets say you get all pumped up and go for some high notes and you hit certain notes. Ok, there is no real need to do
  5. or, they sing lightly before the show and goof off to get loose but they dont do a FORMAL warmup...thus the quote becomes "so and so doesnt warm up!" In any case, the "no warm uppers" might be 3% and then contrast that with those who might do a 1 hour warmup for a 1hr show, maybe they are the 3% on the other side. Then the rest are somewhere in between. They got that new thing they just came out with called the bell curve lol for me its not even a question, if I want to have some freedom in the upper ranges etc, im going to have to warm up. I dont think of it so much in
  6. seriously dude stop reading stuff online and going into confusion who gives af what any of those people do or dont do? or what they SAY they do or dont do if you are worried about "vocal damage, omg" go see an ENT. Stop obsessing about it btw Robert Plant ruined his voice pretty quickly and had surgery in '74ish. I wouldnt be using him as any type of model for how to have a healthy voice
  7. there is such a thing as worrying too much lol. no need to overthink warming up. I start with humming/buzzing and then gradually build up from there
  8. best thing about Reaper is the community aspect. they have a great forum with lots of friendly experts https://forum.cockos.com/forumdisplay.php?f=20 Reaper is DEEP in features. ive used it for a few years and only barely scratched the surface. it comes with a lot of good plugins too. And TBH the internet is chock full of free plug ins for stuff Reaper might be weak in (like reverb) you can google stuff like "best free reverb vst 2018" or "best free plug ins" and get plenty of hits
  9. I dont mean it in any deeply philosophical sense. I just mean your ears play tricks on you for instance you might be mixing and u muted all of your cymbals for whatever reason. But after a while you forget and it starts to sound normal lol. Then you realize it and you are like "why didnt i hear that??" or for instance if I am playing windows media player through my laptop i will sometimes turn on the EQ to try to add some bass. Then maybe the next morning I hook up the laptop to my monitors...but i forget I have the EQ on lol. So in reality it is now WAY boomy. But it t
  10. I havent done Golden Ears or any of the other ones yet but I NEED TO! lol. been focusing heavily on learning mixing for a few months and its crazy how easily the ears can get fooled etc there is also this one, u ever checked it out? https://www.soundgym.co/
  11. balance off the hard stuff (belts, screams, extreme range stuff) with lots of lighter stuff like warm ups, warm downs, and semi occluded stuff like hums, lip trills, straw stuff. Its common sense that you can do way more light stuff without wearing down than you can do heavy and hard stuff. Also, you can and should gradually build up your abilities and workload etc. its just like going to the gym. if you were a newb in the gym, no one would recommend trying to do Mr Olympias workout or a pro MMA workout. They built up to their level over the course of years Take a look at wher
  12. depends if you are considering "head voice" as a certain range of notes or as a certain type of sound. A lot of people use "head voice" and 'falsetto' interchangeably....which is totally incorrect I think most of us pretty much hate singing terminology because it is hopelessly inadequate but its all we have to work with lol In any case Bruce isnt using "chest voice" to sing that high. So I think this is what Draven is pointing out. At those high notes its going to be some sort of "head voice". But not falsetto. So the trick is learning and training to make that head voice sound stron
  13. no "rules" at all. Dunno if u have ever played golf but it is almost exactly like singing. Its physical but also very mental....having to do with pictures in your minds eye etc and also feedback and perception. and its juuuusssssstttttt complicated enough to where its hard to ever really nail it down and say 'I got it'. Takes years. there are a lot of ways to chase your tail endlessly
  14. Just think in the long term. Over the chorus of your life you will sing many songs in many different ranges. There is no "wrong" or "right" in any of it As you continue to practice and work on your voice, the break will be less and less of a problem. Its ok if you feel stronger in this or that range right now. If you keep steadily working at it, you will gradually get better at singing whatever you want to sing in whatever range. I assume you're still in high school. High school seems so important at the time...what people think of you etc etc. Trust me, after you gradu
  15. each style has its own approach but there is also lots of crossover. For example someone like Chaka Khan would be called a "soul" singer but she could EASILY sing straight up rock. Most any strong Gospel flavored singer could easily sing rock Lets say we take "rock" as an example. Okay thats a pretty broad category that can be broken down and each subdivision might have a certain expected vocal style. Good basic 80s style rock . Lots of dynamics and energy. Plenty of soul since its derived from blues. Generally there is an expected large vocal range with some high notes
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