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  1. I have sung soprano in several community choirs, and have a strong voice, a little low for a full soprano role, but accurate (far less accurate and less passionate in lower ranges). I have not picked up confidence for solo singing though because I struggle with timing, so far dealt with by following another strong singer. For the last few years, and the foreseeable future, I am living in a place with no suitable choirs to join But recently, the chance to sing solo has come up, with a pianist, and possibly also accompanied by a guitar and harmonica. This is good, but scary! For my first attempt at singing solo, I am thinking of Sinner Man, a song I have sung in choir and enjoy very much. When I look at the sheet music available, I see it available in different keys. Now, I like sheet music because I can follow the dots up and down, and can get some idea of the timing, but I know nothing of the key. Can anyone advise on how to choose the right key?