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  1. Hi guys! I've always had this 'issue' with my voice, but even through training for a few years it hasn't improved. I've always been comfortable singing in head voice even before any sort of training, and have a pretty connected range up to G5. Often when I sing in my chest voice (more towards e4/f4, up to C5) I find myself switching to a more heady lighter voice. Obviously I know this is normal to an extent, but I can already be in a 'meatier' chest in this range, but I can feel my voice really trying to lighten up... The thing is when I'm singing in chest it isn't uncomfortable at all, with my larynx neutral or slightly lowered the whole time. Also, I need to make it clear my voice does not seem to break or flip into head voice at this point. It's kinda hard to explain. I just feel much more comfortable in my head voice or a heady mix than 'pure' chest voice. Is this just an indication I have a naturally lighter voice, or is there anything I can do to try and improve this part of my range in terms of power?
  2. I'm the same - mainly listen to female singers. But I'm gay so I don't have to change any pronouns It's great for working on your passaggio and upper register. I'll come back with some more videos later.
  3. Not sure if you're a guy or a girl, but here's a performance with quite a few throughout the whole song, but most from the 2.00 mark if you wanna skip to it.
  4. Yeah definitely. Probably should have added in my previous post, in regards to exercises, that if it hurts during this period STOP and just rest. Do it when it feels right, otherwise, rest rest rest!
  5. Best thing you can do is rest. However, I find the Ingo Titze straw exercise to really help relax my chords when they are like this. Also, STEAM is a life saver! Just boil some water in a pot, cover a towel over your head and inhale for about 10-15 minutes (don't burn yourself though). If your voice is giving out like this, it is probably a sign it is being overused/dry. However, if this happens regularly then please see an ENT just to be on the safe side.
  6. I remember seeing a video of Lady Gaga doing some intense physical exercise while doing a vocal warm up for her national anthem performance. Not sure who her vocal coach is but yeah, there are general benefits of the gym and it seems that increased vocal support is one of them.
  7. Take a few days of vocal rest (if you can avoid talking, do that too). I find that inhaling steam for 10-20 minutes to be very beneficial for vocal health too. You should be fine, but if this continues see an ENT asap - better to be safe than sorry!
  8. For myself and many others it comes naturally with improved technique. I've been practicing singing on and off for about three years now with various different methods, but I have only developed a vibrato in the last 6 months, especially when using a light mass onset (beginning with vocal fry/cry). A beautiful vibrato happens NATURALLY with good technique and vocal health. So, in your case I wouldn't try to 'fake' a vibrato as you may be harming your voice. In fact, I find vibrato to be more relaxing than anything, and even releases some tension if I'm experiencing any. But, I don't see why you couldn't use some exercises which may facilitate a natural vibrato... I do not know of any myself (other than a lip-roll trill I learned from some SLS training a while back), but I know there are some training CD's out there dedicated to this subject, and a more knowledgeable member could surely suggest something. Either way, it will probably come with time. Don't give up, keep practicing, don't push or strain, and I'm sure you will be singing with a beautiful, stronger vibrato soon enough
  9. Yeah I can hear that! That video is a little out of her prime so I can appreciate it's squeezed - I should have probably provided a different example. It's just, most people I've heard who belt in the upper portions of their voice sound twangy(?) and have a more cutting quality (I MAY not be using the right terminology as I am a beginner, so someone please correct me if so!!!), but those notes to me have a more 'ringing' quality (again, terminology lol, but that's the best way I can describe it as a lay person). Like you said, Ariana Grande is similar in these regards, but I understand how it is a bit of an acquired taste for them! Haha. Celine Dion has this sort of quality at times too. Tbh I don't know what I'm saying right now hahaha. Can anyone else shed some light on what the hell I'm talking about? And thanks guys for both of your analyses
  10. So what would you call what's happening on these specific notes, using your terminology? You can definitely hear a difference in the tone of those five notes here (I could be wrong but I think they're all G5's), which to me sounds like it's 'ringing'. But I definitely get super confused with all these different terms too!!! Some don't make much sense.
  11. Hi guys I'm kind of a beginner so please bare with me, and sorry if something like this has been answered elsewhere before. One of the things that really makes certain belts stand out to me is that 'ringing' quality. Not necessarily a overly cutting sound, but a nice round 'pingy' ringing sound. An example of such a belt is below (3.10-3.40, the first 'OOOOH', then 'BLIND', then 'YOUR', 'TRY TRY and TRY' - the whole climax sounds super nice but especially these notes). There are dozens of other examples but I always loved this especially. But my main question is, what is this? Is this twang? What is it EXACTLY that achieves such a round 'ringing' on notes? And HOW?
  12. When I'm next home alone I'll record a few scales - so probably tomorrow
  13. The last few months I have noticed less reliability in the upper parts of my head voice. I used to be able to hit a very clean, clear, well connected G5. It started to get a little scratchy, but still there. Now, I can barely hit an E5, and the highest note I can now reliably hit is a D5. What I don't get is that my voice generally feels better than ever. I've been training with Ken Tamplin's Vocal Academy, which has very little head voice development, so I have been doing some basic head voice exercises every so often. I've been getting AMAZING results everywhere else, but the loss of the highest notes makes me think something is up. I do everything by the books - I don't strain for notes, trying to keep my larynx as neutral as possible throughout my range, drink lots of water, steam my voice most days, and I feel absolutely no discomfort when singing. I don't care too much as I rarely use this part of my voice but I can't afford to lose any more notes from the top - I don't want this to effect my high C. I have been on complete vocal rest the last few days - just done some basic lip rolls and tried to vocalise up there but still, the highest note I can barely hit in head voice is E5. Any suggestions of what I can do? I can't afford to have my cords looked at by an ENT so home-remedies and cheap suggestions only, thanks.
  14. Yeah definitely ahah. Sorry I didn't clarify completely, I don't try to EMULATE Mariah, but I listen closely to how she is singing certain parts and emulate that within my own natural range - which has helped me a lot. But I should probably try and listen to some more male singers with a voice closer to me as I know it's a lot different. In fact, I was listening to a cover of one of her easier songs by a guy and it sounded great, so I might listen over that a few times. Thanks for your help!!! In other news I'm seriously considering starting lessons - I could really use the guidance.
  15. To be honest, I mainly listen to female singers so it's difficult to emulate haha. My favourite's are probably Mariah Carey and Amy Winehouse - all those harsh vowels count emulating Amy out for a guy (sounds way too ugly!) Although Mariah is obviously a few octaves above me, I find emulating her phrasing and technique best for my voice, keeping everything with a light onset. My tone has definitely improved since doing this, as I also wanna go for that nice sultry R&B sound, but I still hate how I sound lmao. For male singers, I like Donny Hathaway. When I try to emulate him I find my voice just isn't as FULL and RICH even though I'm probably a baritone. I dunno. I'm hoping to upload a clip within the next week or so (if I get the chance), as it would be nice to hear what you guys think.