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  1. Interesting you say that because I've noticed that pitch being trouble for both men and women(B5) who have it in their range. It's an octave above the lower passaggio for men and an octave above the CCM break for women. It must be a resonance issue.
  2. What setting were you practicing in? Did you go through the entire song in front of friends before hand? Either way, it takes major guts to sing in front of others. So, I applaud you for that. I think it's normal to have confidence issues while singing no matter how trained we are. Of course the more comfortable you feel with your technique the more confident you'll be when you're singing, but i've encountered those who have pretty good technique behind closed doors but throw it out the door when they sing live. A famous vocalist who does this quite well is Hayley Williams. Great in the s
  3. Why do you think artists like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston are often deemed sopranos? People love to throw around the titles like full lyric soprano or spinto soprano. Where do you think these claims come from? Do you agree with them? :]
  4. I completely agree! She lip syncs all the time but people just don't want to see it. When I first found out she was doing it I, as well, didn't want to believe it. It was important for me to note she's just human like the rest of us. But the chest displacement I was referring to is noticeable in ballads as well, specifically Halo. I don't think she ever lips ballads unless it's Love On Top, which is more mid tempo but you get the idea. I completely agree. It's one thing to lip sync EVERY time you perform and a completely different thing to lip sync here and there to maintain v
  5. Ok then i definitely agree with that. I don't want you to think I'm knocking Beyonce because I'm really not. Whats the name of the article or study discussing the lung volume of different styles of singing? That sounds like a good read. Also, all of my books about singing are from a classical standpoint. I have a belting book but it lacks the science that I'm interested in. Any suggestions?
  6. Thanks! And I love this discussion we're having. I've always been told and have read that clavicular breathing is bad and appoggio is good lol. I'm not saying what you're saying isn't true but I like to have these things one click away if possible so do you have any references for this? The only part that I don't necessarily agree with is Beyonce inventing contemporary technique. What exactly is she doing thats inventive?
  7. Those people are silly. Putting little thought into breathing is silly if you think about the requirements the voice needs in order to even speak of resonance. Richard Miller speaks on the audible inhale being the throat's result to resisted air. I spoke on clavicular breathing because it usually has an audible sigh to go along with it. I agree. She has a very good understanding of her voice and the history of music as well and thats exactly why I use her to support optimal breathing. Plenty of people say they would like to sound like Beyonce, but if Beyonce isn't doing all of what should
  8. Artists come to vocal instructors because vocal instructors do indeed know better about the art of singing. If that wasn't the case, vocal instructors wouldn't exist. We might not know the bodies as well as the individual, but we do know the sounds it produces when under stress and when in a state of comfort. I'd understand if I were stating opinions but I'm actually not. These statements made about the breathing methods being a hinderance are well known to be factual and evidence to support them are more than existent. It's just a matter of spending some time on youtube to hear them while wat
  9. A full, quiet, healthy inhale can be done in a second or two. A semi-full, quiet, healthy inhale can be done in a split second. She has more than enough time. It just takes time and training to master these things. And these are two things Beyonce hasn't implemented in regards to efficient breathing. This type of audible inhale matters because it doesn't provide the best possible result, so it is simply inefficient. It may night be bad, but why settle for good when you can have great? lol And I doubt Beyonce knows enough about the body and it's physiology for singing to speak on the proper a
  10. I understand and concur specifically to the comment made about music being written for the music alone. Leave gender,sex, and w/e else out of the equation.
  11. That's a common commentary made about Beyonce. Her music is her downfall. I have to say I agree. >_< Sure it moves but it shouldn't be moving to the extent where it hinders the optimization of the inhalation. Not to mention Beyonce's shoulders AND chest are moving in that clip. They're not casually moving. They're moving quite noticeably. Not to mention the very audible inhale, which ironically enough encourages shallow breathing, a closed throat etc.
  12. The third video I posted is anything but a high stress situation lol. Shes sitting down around maybe 40 people. The clavicular breathing is quite evident in that clip. Appearing stiff or producing a "stiff" tone because of improper breathing methods? lol I'll appear stiff anyday
  13. Classical? Her breathing is anything but classical but I do feel everything else about her singing is quite well. Her transitions from and through different registers is always perfectly done.
  14. What do you all think of Beyonce as a vocalist? She seems to have excellent control over her instrument. My only gripe is the clavicular breathing with the audible inhalation. Here are a few good videos of singing for you all to analyze: What do you all think?
  15. Conviction and deep, rooted belief that you, the vocalist can indeed sing, As a vocal instructor i definitely want to hear a nice, free tone but if you have all of the technique in the world and don't believe you do, then its simply useless.
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