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  1. What's a tounge? All kidding aside, I have found that pressing the tongue against the front teeth does not help me. In fact, it ends up creating tension in the throat and messing up the resonance of my head voice. In my experience, drawing the tongue slightly back from the front teeth and raising it in the back of the mouth gives me the best results.
  2. Regarding uniqueness, it's not just the voice, it's the style. In the little microcosm of my life, I do not know one single F'n person who sings rock who is my age, full stop. When I hear vocal performances at my school, they all fall into the same category: either indie or pop. I haven't heard anything with an aggressive edge to it. To connect this experience, I'd like to point out that the context in which one is singing is a huge part of standing out as a vocalist. It's not something you can control, but it's important. Where I am right now, I am unique and have the potential to stand out s
  3. When one my favorite bands covers ABBA, I have increased respect for them.
  4. Extremely rare, rarer than all other vocal types without a doubt.
  5. The grunge aesthetic was the antithesis of hair metal: stripped down, no frills, straight to the point. The lyrics of grunge songs are dark and brooding usually, while hair metal focused on the tropes of rock and roll: partying, drugs, and sex. The instrumentation also reflects this: heavily overdriven, fuzzy guitars, with generally simplistic solos, as opposed to the guitar wankery of hair metal. Tell me this: sounds like this:
  6. @JonJondunno if you've heard this cover by Soundgarden, but I found it to be quite awesome.
  7. Quite the opposite; these guys killed off hair metal pretty much. The differences between this and hair metal are numerous, but I won't bore you.
  8. I friggin love those songs. The vocal breakdown at 8:40 for Reach Down is so awesome...it's like Chris is reaching for heaven whilst simultaneously pulling the mass of the earth with him. And Limo Wreck, well that song just feels like driving barbed nails of angst into your ears (in the best way possible). I'm right with you here on this one Jon, I want to sing like that soooo badly lol.
  9. I don't lol, but according to my vocal teacher the resonance is better when I don't push it so much. Counter-intuitive, but it makes sense when you mull over it.
  10. Vowels, easing back on higher notes instead of putting on the volume, which is what I tend to do, bridging my passagio (which is apparantly at G4 lol).
  11. Doubtless I have stuff to improve in my breathing. Right now, however, other areas are lacking and the breathing is comparatively better. I have bigger fish to fry.
  12. So, your problem is that you don't have proper breath support? IDK any specific things I did, but lots of repetition with conscious attention directed to my breathing solved that issue. Now, I use my diaphragm automatically when I sing.
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