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  1. I was quite interested by the bit below where he talks about Jessie J only being able to reach her true potential when he got her into the right mindset to perform (on top of the whole 'look' thing of 1D). Can you have a good voice but only be stuck on a certain level until you get into the right 'psychology' as this article suggests? Any thoughts would be great! Ali says he can take no credit for Jessie’s natural singing ability — it was there “from the start”. But what Ali knows, that Jessie had to learn, was the psychology of performing. “From the first note of the first song, she felt the need to prove herself. But she didn’t need to prove herself. So it was really more the psychology that I helped her with. I would tell her, ‘Jessie, they came to see you anyway, you don’t need to sell any more tickets because they’re here.’”
  2. I just read this article about Xfactor's vocal coach who also trains Jessie J, Sam Smith and others famous singers. I found it quite interesting towards the last part of the article that he talks about needing raw talent to get the most out of your voice. What do you think? Do you agree? https://medium.com/for-life-journal/the-x-factor-vocal-coach-who-saw-money-in-one-direction-7481d565a24d#.igbgyo7zp