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  1. Hello everybody! So my last thread I asked for help on mixed/ middle register. I have been working on it for a little while now but I still feel like I'm shouting and using too much air on belting high notes. It's as if I'm trying to sing it rather than just letting the sound out. Here is a comparison: and me lol: Any tips or advice is appreciated. Don't know if I'm shouting because I can't get that cord closure properly in my higher registers or if it's a bunch of different things. Woke up a little hoarse today too
  2. I'm curious if I am doing this right... I'm not even sure how to explain it. Here is a guy teaching it .. it's in korean but he's basically saying try to "pull" the sound out from the chest instead of having the sound fly out through ur mouth. Can someone explain to me in what way is this taught normally? Is this just the feel of "open throat?" or "support"? AND if this is how it should feel then how do I get that "mask" placement without losing that DEEP breath support? This way helped me develop my mix but I'm curious if this method is correct and is just another way of teaching th
  3. Dang man! You didn't have to go through all that editing and recording when you're sick! I am grateful for your help bro. Thank you it has helped me a lot I am assuming as well it is possible to belt or have a belting sound with the mixed voice as well? Is this guy singing majority of the time in mixed? Is that what is giving off the effortless and "sweet, smooth, and bright" sound? He looks super relaxed too but gives off an awesome sound. Is it really as effortless as it looks? Especially 00:50 - 1:07 and 2:05 - 2:22 . Is he going from mixed voice to m2 with every phrase and
  4. Thank you very much everyone! I will take note of everything you guys gave me!! One last thing I want to ask before I go off practicing heavily before I come back is, 1. Are there different programs or different places I need to look for different styles? (such as musical theater sound, rock, ballad) If so, can you guys point me in the right direction as well? My ideal style I would love to adopt or grow my voice is towards more the musical theater/ballad area where I can sing very intensely with versatility. 2. Will Four Pillars or Ken Tamplin alike programs help develop t
  5. Thank you for chiming in! I actually found a live version with the instrumentals taken out.. would you say it's an accurate representation? What I also noticed from experimenting, if I put more presence in my masked area for resonance, I end up cracking or flipping pretty easily but if I were to keep the resonance down more and I move up a scale, I notice It's alot easier to transition smoothly but it just sounds droopy now. I also notice if I put too much presence on my mask area it feels like the sound is "flying away from me" and feels a bit uncomfortable sometimes. to the p
  6. Thanks for your help! Take your time.. It's more than I deserve anyways! I appreciate it. I think I am doing it wrong, came back home from practicing and my chords hurt and my sinus for some reason feels swollen and puffy.
  7. So essentially, When you want add more volume and a chesty sounds, you're still in your chest register but you're adding a bit of head through a balancing act and if you want to add a little bit of chest to a light head sounds, you add bit of chest to your head voice register? I know it's only been a few days of myself actively working on this after singing improperly for years, but kinda discouraging to find myself still reaching and straining to try to find that upper middle point in chest. When I do a simple siren with the AH vowel, I also notice there is a bright
  8. Wow thanks for all these tips! I think I am slowly starting to get the hang of it. I noticed I have a habit of carrying too much air pressure on a lower register which made it a lot harder to move up smoothly. I also notice when I try to go on mix, I feel completely different when singing physically in my throat/chords. Is it normal to feel as if the bottom of my mix is the same sensation as the bottom of my range in chest? It kinda feels like I am floating on it balancing rather than reaching? Or maybe I am just at the bottom of my head voice lol...
  9. Love the responses here! I definitely try those exercises and not over think it. However, when I feel new sensation or try different ways of singing, I tend to get confused on which 'feeling' is the correct feeling... Is it normal when in the early stages of developing the mixed voice, for it to be very unstable or airy? I also notice I feel like vocal chords are resting on a platform rather than reaching? but it's still very bad in tonal quality and when I try to add a bit of chest I feel like reaching and if I try to add bit of head, I feel like I will flip. When I somehow, ge
  10. Thanks for the help! I am actually using Ken Tamplin's program. I heard it's pretty similar to the four pillars except four pillars goes little bit more technical. Just curious if both these courses helps singing softly within the mixed voice and developing versatility as a whole? Thanks again
  11. Just so I know if I am practicing correctly, Should I be feeling a pull or weight being pulled up at all? Especially singing light but louder within the "mixed" voice? Or should it feel light as the head voice but with more compression? Or is neither of these? Just don't want to develop bad muscle memory is 3:40-end the same concept as well? and does his voice just naturally have an airy tone in his mix and he's actually holding back his breath?
  12. Hello guys! I am just curious about this singer's voice and volume when he sings. I notice it is very airy and I know singing with excessive air is bad for your chords, but is there something about his technique or voice that allowed him to sing so long with a healthy voice? (10+ years) I also get very confused on how loud to sing when singing such songs. I guess it is a common problem in a sense when I sing very softly, I can reach those notes easily with my head voice with very little chord closure. OR I end up singing so loud where its basically belting with f
  13. I can definitely see the similarity. I wouldn't be surprised if he was inspired off these OGs haha Damn.. how they keep these awesome full heavy tones while going so high... I just sound so pitchy and like a little kid hahah I should just go expand my knowledge more
  14. I have heard of them but I never had any experience listening to them personally Sorry I am not as experienced on that side of music.. I feel like should be though ): Besides that point, I am currently doing KTVA at the moment and I am feeling improvement. However, do you guys think it will be unwise to switch to TVS? What puts me off is all the terminology and I have no idea what he is talking about. Should I just stick with KTVA until I fully gone through it thoroughly?
  15. Thanks for the reassurance Yeah should be obvious that common sense says not to do anything that hurts. I never heard of Bruce Dickinson but now a fan of his voice. I seriously want to train to develop that type of range and versatility
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