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  1. So here I am, back since forever, cause I'm facing the truth. Yes I'm focused on unflattening my voice while singing which has been SUCH a struggle for me, but I also realize that I'm a soprano that wants to be a tenor. If anyone anyone at all has any tips or anything that could help please tell me.
  2. I tried to upload the file of me singing but it exceeded the size max, so just click here to hear it. Hope this is what you need to help me out xD
  3. Audio clip of me singing if you need it: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/229171533/Post%20On%20Forum.m4a Hello! So I've decided I wanna sing, and I need some help. Though I'm 18, I have a relatively high, young sounding speaking voice. What's odd about that is my range feels most comfortable singing the full range from bass to soprano. I know I have the potential to hit the higher notes, and I can, but when I do the notes sound really, REALLY flat, and I really want to learn to correct that. I found some tests online, and I can easily (without strain) go up to c6 but when I do, the notes between c5 and c6 sound so flat ;_; Can you guys give me some tips to help make it sound better?