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  1. Hello guys ..I would like your advice about a microphone selection Yesterday i tried in my voice the brauner phantom classic and its very soft microphone in my voice Like in this video test https://youtu.be/BVkFhqoo-Dg This is another microphone test with se 2200a ii c https://youtu.be/3y5q6rFLVfI Its better in my voice cause it has better low end but its little muddy in low midlike this too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfExEPjwc-EI tried akg 414 but too thin in my voicealso rode nt1, I tried jz vintage 11 but its too much warm in my voiceNow im thinkig neumann 193 or se2200 ii with focusrite isa oneWill it change the sound of se2200a ii if i will add focusirite isa one? Or maybe miktek cv4?This is not to promote my channel or get viewS..i just want a microphone like manley or u87 focucused with good low end and great higs..Is this possible?