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  1. Austin Rivera

    Singing sounds so bland

    A little background, I've been singing for 3 years but within those three years I'll admit, I haven't really been faithful and practices that much. I'd have a 30 minutes vocal lesson then practice once in that week, but now I want to be fully serious. I honestly don't find much improvement (apart from my vocal range growing), so that's why I came here. Anyways, here are some of my songs, try not to cringe... (May be transposed down) (and sorry for any rattling sounds) November 2016: (So horrible lol April 30 2017: April/May/June 2018: June 2018: June - July 2018: July 2018: I don't know, my voice sounds like it's flat, as if it is super boring. Please help! I really want critical and specific feed back if possible. Thanks!
  2. Austin Rivera

    Using too much breath, voice cracking?

    Not a concert sorry, just a mini performance at a bar.
  3. Hi, I'm new to this forums and singing. I'm trying to learn the scientist and in my opinion, I'm going well. I have a concert in 5 days and scared that I can't sing the chorus. When I do sing it, I feel like i'm using too much breath (because afterwards I can barely sing the other parts of the song) and I feel like my voice is gonna die out. My voice also cracks and then I can't really sing the other parts of the chorus in tune. So the word I need help is "nobody"