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  1. Hello, I'm a baritone. I'm only 15, so that could change, who knows, but I've been looking into extending my range downwards and have had good results. My normal range is from F2-C5, although once warmed up I can get a D2 that's very unstable, but not fry. I learned about "Subharmonics", and decided to try them out. After about a week I've developed the technique to take me down to a G1, ugly it may be. The reason I'm posting here is because during this week, I've developed a strange... "partial" on my voice. (I'm a brass player, so this is the only way I know to say how it feels.) This partial starts at C2, and ends at about D1-E1, and I don't think its fry. It's not as pretty as say a full chest voice, however, its very connected and not separated like fry tends to be. Its hard to control, but it's there. Is this some type of fry I've randomly developed? Is it maybe subharmonics that I've somehow figured out? Any input? Very curious.
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