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  1. You-tube dose not except .mp4 or .mp3 files and Rons upload program did not work. So I am looking at winding it down now and calling it a day
  2. Thanks but its not looking good at the moment; uploading it or even making it as audacity has distorted the sound very much And sadlty the end resalt, it may not even happen
  3. Been there before in court and happy to have another big day of the under dog david vs goliath OK I see what you are saying this forum in not some troll dick harry ef and blind at anything, sorry but I will try and control myself and conduct myself in a more mature and profesaon mannor next time
  4. I know but such services like saids web site get right up £$%&?@#; having some @£$%& pulling my strings who is hiding behind a computer screen really gets me annoyed and makes me want to seek some kind of revenge on them to prevent it all happening again sorry if this has all caused offence, But this has really been a long and drawn stressfull job just to get nowhere
  5. Sorry but if the site locks all files to private log in only view; then it is no use to the rest of the internet unless I post my user name and password
  6. this is a (*auto edit*) joke with out even using the title of the song in any wording this is what they tell me ______________ SoundCloud SoundCloud Hi Toolless, Our automatic content protection system has detected that your track: "Mod Vocal Forum" may contain the following copyrighted content: "Walk Away (In the Style of Cast) [Karaoke Version]" by Ameritz Audio Karaoke As a result, your track has been removed from your profile for the time being. – Wait SoundCloud, I think I have the rights to this! If you think we've made a mistake, you can tell us about it by following the link below and filing a dispute. You can file a dispute if: • we've wrongly identified the track • we've correctly identified the track, but you have the rights to post this to SoundCloud - for example, because you are the copyright owner or have permission from the copyright owner(s). If either of these things apply to you, tell us about it here:…tes:19391609 To learn more about copyright, please visit our copyright information page: Thank you, The SoundCloud Copyright Team _________________________ Who the hell do they think they are! Will have to stop using sound clowd again
  7. I have tried uploading it twice now and it just wont accept it this just ant going to work out!
  8. There is something wrong with my account I have subscribed to the 'review my singing' section but I can not post or start a new topic I can not even start a new topic in this part of the forum, all I can do is reply to threads Anyway I have spent a lot of time mucking around with this It has been my 3rd recording. the first one I could not hear my self and the last one that I have just uploaded you can hear my voice wavering in and out. I just cant find where the inbuilt cambra is on this thing and I am having to stretch across and sing up close to the laptop, so I guess an external microphone is in order Any hear is a recording of cast-walk away I have done my best Where do I/ we need to be now?
  9. There is a lot of unheared sang shit you can hear on the radio that is complete trash But I actully like this song as it reminds me of something from radiohead, the verb and keen I get the impresion that there are a lot of as good as amature semi pros out there that are as good as the premiership top of the pops singers that you will never hear of because of marketing bullshit
  10. Following that I have singed up to soundcloud and uploaded this picece of crap into the site I use that word coz that is all it is, it is not me singing at all, it is just me testing it out I will put something together tomorrow when I am sober minded, but for now lets see if it uploads downloads and works and if you can tell if my microphone is of any use or not Thanks
  11. So in the last hour this is how far I have come windows 8 dose not have an inbuilt movie maker however you can download a windows program that dose not work called Windows Essentials which has a movie maker inbuild but like most software made my microsoft over the last 20 odd years it is a load of crap. Anyway on a good note I am able to change mp4.-mp3. and import to audacity and record myself sing over the top of it. Next question is how do I upload it onto the internet and then onto this forum?
  12. can make it look like you're laying on a bed and making out with Carrie Underwood and Beyonce at the same time. Not gonna happen! They say for the best way to have it done is in a recording studio but thats big money and lets learn to run before we can walk right! But I can see your point; what I have is enough for the purpose of you lot reviewing my singing I will have a look at any inbuilt movie makers I may have on my oporating system but fasiling that I will put a song together using the Audacity program Thanks P.S I just dont understand why my inbuilt microphone would not record the sound coming out of the speakers of my car
  13. Sorry just to clear things up hear, yes it dose have an inbuilt mic and cam
  14. Well I am somewhat disaponted that I will not be able to make a video and I will have to settle with audio with audacity So are you saying to record my singing properly I need to buy an external microphone? I played a cd from the car radio in the van last night and recorded it using my laptop the recording was compltly crap! with the right recording equipment can I record this sound properly?
  15. Well I would be intrested in further info from other member on this one