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  1. I see then , its been 8 months and i tried everything and nothing seems to work.I would see a vocal rehab specialist on my city as you suggested,thank you so much. Did u find someone with same problem like me and he/she did come to the vocal rehab specialist and his/her voice is back as usual?
  2. Hi ronws, im really happy that you take your time to answer my question,it such a honor for me But is it possible for me to have a recovery of my vocal ? Im a teacher and im speaks everyday to my student I never get a clear answer even from my ENT doctor
  3. ( *Laryngoscopy result of my vocal folds Hello fellas out there! This is my first post in this modernvocalistworld forum and as a singer,im really proud to find this kind of forum where i can ask or share something regarding vocas. My name is Rolando and im 17 y/o singer living in Indonesia.I've been singing for many times and i'm really enjoyed it.I was part of a band that have regular concert schedule. So lets get to the point, 6 or 7 months ago,i had a full schedule of concert in one day,so from the morning until the evening i did sing without quality vocal rest,then next morning after that concert,i wake up and i realized that my voice already became breathy and hoarse.I thought it will only occur for 5 days or 7 days but i've been experiencing this damage for 6 or 7 months and i already went to the best ENT doctor on my town and i did a checkup to my vocal cords and that is the result.(on the picture i attached with this post upside) I knew it was all of my fault not to warming up properly and just sing without taking care of my vocal folds,but i'm really stressed to see that my voice is not yet recovered for many months. I already gargled with salt water and did many things as my ENT doctor instructed but it still the same,it breaks my heart. So what is the problem with me? What should i do ? Or is it a permanent and major vocal damage that has no medicine? If singer tea can fix this i will try to buy one. Thanks ^^ Note: I still can speak loud and sing but my singing quality is degradated so much,now i cant hold a note for a long time and my vocal pliabilty has gone aswell,though my vibrato is still clean and good.