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  1. Hey everyone its been ages since I last posted here, but since then i picked up ken tamplins course (which in its own way has helped with a lot of things) But I do have a couple questions that I think are related but I may be completely wrong. First question i have is what sort of sensation should i feel while singing with my diaphragm? I think ive been doing it right however I dont know quite how it should feel. Ive been doing the inhale and belly expands and then as i sing/ exhale my belly goes back to normal. but I dont know if thats all there is too it or if im supposed to be using certain muscles in my core. if so which ones? The other question ties in a bit as through said course i took they mentioned "leaning" into the sound to get a distorted tone. I had no clue what that meant so I went to good ol youtube to look up metal screaming tips (figured that would be for the extreme cases) so they talk about pushing with my abs (sort of) really hard and it will distort my voice through my chest not my throat. all that, that has done for me is make me louder and at points hurt my throat. So any input or suggestions for this would be greatly appreciated as I dont really care for messing my voice up lol. Thanks
  2. That song is about as high as I can get and its just a touch high for me on the last bit, But I found I have more issues with Maroon 5 and such because Adam Levine's voice is crazy high. That and sometimes its hard to shift my 5th chords down lower when I' already in first position lol.
  3. Thanks everyone for the input, I really appreciate it.
  4. Hey everyone, I am stuck with a tiny bit of a dilemma. I play in a cover band in which every member does their share of singing, but while there are some songs I want to sing, I have major problems doing so because I cant hit the notes without going falsetto. I sing a lot of rock and country and while country isn't too much of a problem, I'm starting to hit the proverbial wall with rock. The voice range that I am comfortable singing in is more of a baritone (think Trace Adkins, maybe a touch higher than that.) so when I try to hit notes in songs like This Love by Maroon 5 or even some punk rock songs (Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne or Ohio by Bowling for Soup.) it sounds like my voice is thinning out and my projection just goes away all together unless I sing falsetto but then the tone doesn't fit the song. I know the best way to improve is practice and possibly professional help. But at this current point all I can afford is practice. What I am getting to here, is how can I get my range higher, and not have to sound like my voice is thin or struggling. Are there any exercises or techniques that could help me. Thank you in advance