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  1. I should probably add too, I'm still young so my voice sounds lighter than those singers she makes me sing along with, but my range is with a bass'. That might be why she's confusing me with being able to sing high. Oops
  2. Not a lot, like 6. Yeah she does have qualifications, and she can sing with resonance. I don't think she knows much about notes though that's why she's giving me songs that aren't in my range, she doesn't seem to know how to play piano very well... and she said when transposing from a female's key, I should transpose a few notes up, and from a male's key I'm supposed to transpose 1 or two notes down. I actually think that's wrong
  3. She has said before that my voice sounds full. But I lose my ease and resonance sometimes when I sing there, cause the warmups and exercises we do are mainly breathing and support exercises, and really soft exercises. And then afterwards I go belting at the ends of my range. I'm planning on warming up before I sing there from now on
  4. Thanks for trying to understand it anyways. But yeah, that's my problem with her, I can't sing in my proper key. She gives me songs sung by a tenor, like why. Songs that have F#4's and above that are sung softly in chest voice, when at that range is my limit. She doesn't even know my range. And I don't think she even knows the notes in the songs she gives me, but expects me to sings them. That's so upsetting. And when I say I can't hit it cause I'm a bass, she literally says back, some bass can sing in tenor range. That's where the problem is, she doesn't expect me to sing in D2-F4 area, she expects me to sing higher, and songs that are sung very softly in chest. When I even sang an F2 in a song, cause I was singing in a girl's key, she says that it's too LOW, and to bring the key up. That's where my voice naturally lies, the heck? So the tenor songs that she gives me, the tenor singing can sing a B2, and I can't sing F2? She needs to actually check out my range and realize that my voice lies naturally lower than most.
  5. Yeah, haha, sorry about that! I wasn't in a good mood when I wrote this. But yeah, I have trouble bridging sometimes, I know singing nasally helps with it, and no one has worked on that before with me, so thanks for the vid! And I sing contemporary So anyways, the thing with this new coach, is that she doesn't want me singing girl songs because she thinks it's too low for me. Which makes no sense, since my voice is supposed to sing that low. For example, the girl song that I would choose would have Eb5 belts and an F3 low note, and I sing it an octave lower, Eb4 and F2, and she says that it's too low for me and apparently high for the girl. F2 is definitely NOT "too low" for me (I could even go down to E2 on my first days of singing), and F3 is definitely NOT high for a girl. Same thing with the high notes, Eb4 is definitely not a low note for me (I don't think she knows much about notes). She doesn't realize that, and so she doesn't want me singing them, and picks guy songs for me which is sometimes not in my range and not even in my key. I was just singing a Tori Kelly song earlier, and I was following along just fine, where she switches to head voice on Eb5 and bridges to G4 in chest, I switch to head voice on Eb4 and bridge to G3. That's why I like singing girl's songs, it seems like our break and lower range is near the same, but I'm just an octave lower, and that's kinda why I think I'm allowed to sing in a girl's key. Right? Girls sing C5 in head voice, I sing C4, girls sing D3, I sing D2.
  6. Oh my God. I got it. I found a way to sing less higher songs o.o. Still feel free to leave any bass songs if you have any
  7. TLDR: Long story short... what songs would you suggest for a bass which, preferably, doesn't go above E4? (I'm talking about the songs though, I go above E4. I can go up to F#4, G4 sometimes, but I want some rest and actually sing really proficiently in the lessons, not upper belt all the damn time where I strain and push a little cause of the soft warm ups she teaches which doesn't loosen up my voice :/. Am I wrong??? is the teacher right??? I'm a bass and shouldn't be singing in a girl's key??? What do you think about this?? So I took private lessons before with a teacher for a couple months, have stopped taking them for a month or so now, and now I found a new teacher. It's a group lesson with my relatives and some others. I'm the only guy in there. So anyways, she makes me sing in a "guy's key", and whenever I sing in a girl's key, she says it's "not my key" and doesn't want me singing in it. And also, I told her that I can't hit that note, this (guy's) key is too high for me. And she insists that I can. Like no, I've went over the range in that SONG, and my range with my old coach, and I go over my range every single day when I practice. It's either IN my range, or NOT. She picks songs for me without even knowing my own range or that song's. Not only that, but the warm ups we do aren't even for belting. So while the girls sing in their lovely mid range, I UPPER BELT my butt through the song without proper warm up, while the original singer, who sounds either a baritone or tenor, seems to be having a great time. I once sang a girl's song... okay... with some really nice C5 and D5, and C#5 and Eb5 belts. But I sang it an octave lower, and she told me to sing a guy's song next time. What does she think a C#4 and Eb4 is for me? it makes no sense. C#4 is already a high note for me, (my old coach told me about the passagio, I checked mine out and it's around C4, sometimes a note higher) and she doesn't realize that and doesn't want me singing in a girl's key. Fyi, the girls learning are untrained. Vocalizing, the girls start switching to head voice on around C5, I switch to head voice on around C4. Going down? They can barely sing an F3, my lower register is a little better, and vocalized down to D2, and a pushed C2 (I don't train my lower register much). So overall, those FEMALES are pretty much inside my range, y'know what I'm saying? D2-F#4 vs F3-C5, except it's an octave lower, their voices are pretty untrained so their range is much smaller. But if they were more trained, theirs will be similar to mine but an octave higher??? So I'm STILL not seeing why I shouldn't be singing in a girl's key. Passagio is similar and so is lower register, only an octave lower. Another note: There was this girl song that I sang along with, and they told me that it was too low for me. BUT THEN, I SAID, IT'S ALSO LOW FOR THIS GIRL, AND THEY (teacher, and aunt who was taking them with me) SAID BACK THAT IT'S ACTUALLY HIGH FOR HER??? I CAME HOME AND CHECKED WITH A PIANO AND IT WAS AN F3. Tf??? And I know who the singer is, she's a flippin soprano, and they're telling me the 3rd octave is high for her? along with C#5 and Eb5 belts? crazy. Maybe I should've let them try that low note :/. I am upset. I think I'll end the ranting here :/. It may unpleasing to see someone ranting
  8. This is really something that I've wanted to post for a while now, because it's been really bothering me the more that I read hate comments, that haters go and hate on this singer! By saying she can't sing, she screams, she's nasal, she's struggling, she uses falsetto EVEN THOUGH SHE'S CLEARLY BELTING, EVEN MADE HATE VIDEOS OF HER, comparing So Hyang with one of her WORST performances, and screamer Regine Velasquez with her BEST performance, and claims that Regine is better than her. Those haters also uses achievements and fame, as proof that Regine is better than So Hyang. Which doesn't make sense, because achievements doesn't really determine your singing ability. And those haters also say that a bunch of other famous "Singers" (yeah right) say that Regine has an amazing voice, and that Regine apparently won a huge singing contest, and is now known as "Asia's Songbird". But at the same time, singing critics and So Hyang fans go on and respond to those hate comments, by saying So Hyang is belting because she's resonant, she's twangy and uses a mask placed mixed voice and you can't be resonant if you're nasal, her belting technique is flawless, she's pouring her emotions in her performance that's why she's moving like that, and that they sense that those haters are Filipino and are Regine Velasquez fans, etc. BUT I WANT TO PUT AN END TO THOSE HORRIBLE HATE COMMENTS, AND ARGUMENTS, BY POSTING THIS, AND LEADING THEM TO THIS THREAD SO THEY NO LONGER HAVE A SAY ABOUT HER NOT BEING ABLE TO SING! AND THAT REGINE IS NOT BETTER THAN HER! AND TO PUT AN END TO THE IGNORANCE OF THE REGINE FANS IN THIS FEUD. Anyways teehee ^,^, onto the videos. So Hyang's: My opinion on this one, I think this is one of her best. And at 2:10 she belts from a G5 to a Bb5. One of the many hate videos, So Hyang vs Regine Oh Holy Night. Regine sings here at the 4:37 mark 4:37 calls So Hyang "Asia's Nasal Congested SongCat So Hyang" Btw, judging by the amount of Regine videos the video maker has on their channel, they're a really devoted fan. And if they were to see that a bunch of vocal professionals say that Regine is not a great singer, it would probably break their heart......... So please don't hold back, since the person is a huge jerk anyways. Video maker called So Hyang "Asia's Nasal Congested SongCat" argued with a bunch of people with the intent to annoy, posted hate comments, and PEOPLE are agreeing with this person. No matter how many vocal facts a commenter may post, they still keep being ignorant, unless if I post here probably. If you're asking if this is part rant.. Yes it is a rant.. And it's literally just not me who is being bothered by this.. So many haters..
  9. Wow, I thought I never got a reply to this, turns out I just didn't get notified. Anyways, thanks! I'll try to practice even when I'm sleepy. Because I also do find, that I can still sing fine even when I'm tired. But now when I'm just tired, I just try not to practice too much, I just do less than what I'd normally do, or I'd just practice something easier.
  10. I've been practicing my head voice a lot lately! or it might be my falsetto, I don't know. But I've been training it to be strong, and not be airy, and I want to put it to use more. I sometimes try to sing opera songs, but I don't really sing it fully, because I'm a little embarrassed XD, and sometimes it's just too high that I can't sing it without using a closed vowel or something. I'm looking for English songs, but if it's not in English I could still try it. Using the AH and OH vowel I can go up to D#6, but C#6 is more comfortable. EH - C#6, OO - E6/F6, EE - E6. This is my usual range too. These are just some of my favorite videos that showcase the head voice or falsetto. 7:50 - 7:55 Head voice up to C#6 Btw her name is So Hyang and she is awesome :))) Her belts are my favorite. I like to imagine that I'm singing like her....... And I just like singing along the head voice or falsetto parts in this song, and it made me realize how cool falsetto or head voice can be. Which gave me the idea to start this thread. The chorus is just basically sung in falsetto or head voice. The first chorus starts at 0:49. As you can see, they're both in languages that I don't speak XD. I know Ariana Grande does some high falsettos, but they're too hard for me.
  11. LOL! What happened to the replies? they got deleted. SHIT just went down XDDD, INDIRECT mild sass levels filled the atmosphere in this thread XD. That's hilarious! Anyways, I don't know if you guys are still subscribed to this thread and will be notified of this, but I'll definitely be checking both your websites. I already had plans on buying like a vocal program, because I wanted to learn more about singing, and going to voice lesson for 1 hour a week is something different (that last part probably didn't make sense, but I don't want to explain it further!), so I'll look into that. And I definitely want to take care of my voice too, and have wonderful stuff in my mouth (don't take it literally), so I'll check your website too! Thanks guys XD. I'm still chuckling about that lol, both your guys' replies are in my Gmail, so that means it definitely happened XD. I keep saying "guys", even though one of you was a woman lol, but I think it's for both genders.
  12. Btw, the way I practiced my head voice, was the same as it's always been. Except now I just added vocal slides.
  13. I've been having throatiness problems recently. Like, it hurts and I find myself pushing sometimes, when I sing in head voice, or belt too high. It used to not hurt, even when I sing at the end of my range. But now it's hurting. It might be from doing too much vocal slides. Because I've been doing that a lot recently. I used to do it a lot before too. Back then when I started doing it, I started having throat problems too, and I just assumed vocal slides were causing it and I just stopped. And I returned to normal. Also when I went to voice lesson and warmed up, I didn't do any vocal slides and it didn't hurt to sing at the end of my range. But when I went to practice my head voice at home, I did vocal slides, and my voice started hurting again. Any advice on how to cure this? Thanks.
  14. Would it be better for my voice to rest today? or to exercise today? I fell asleep on the bus, going home from school, and somebody woke me up. What do you do if you're tired? Do you practice, or do you take a day off?