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  1. Bevin Hernandez

    Back to Black

    I'm just using Garageband, since the recording parts are a little new to me (usually I have a sound guy) I may dip my toes into the water of something else because the delay is a bit frustrating. You're saying turn down the sound in my earphones? Or sing with the backing track turned down without the earphones.
  2. Bevin Hernandez

    T. Rex "Mambo Sun" acoustic cover

    Wow, I've never heard that song before, and I really like it! I will warn you that I'm not an expert, but there were a few times I wanted a little more variety, maybe a little more oomph in one or more of the choruses. That being said, I wouldn't take it up too much because it is a very smooth mellow song. Great job!
  3. Bevin Hernandez

    Back to Black

    A week into The Four Pillars and after my first lesson with Robert, I thought I'd post a little update song. I'm having a bit of trouble with my headphone/recording - I think there's a bit of delay getting through to the headphones so I feel like often I'm 1/8th of a beat late - please let me know if you hear that too and if you know how to fix it! Any other comments are also welcome! It got yanked from soundcloud because of the backing track, so I'll have to figure that one out. Without further ado, me with Back to Black: And the original, in case you haven't heard it:
  4. Bevin Hernandez

    Too pushed in belt?

    Thank you! I will schedule to be sure! I'm looking forward to tackling the course!
  5. Bevin Hernandez

    Too pushed in belt?

    This goes along with my other thread, and yes I am now a premium member I'm just starting to exercise my belt voice, and I'm wondering because it sounds SO different than my higher range whether it's ok to keep belting here or whether I'm pushing it too hard. This quick recording of Hallelujah was done on my computer with just the mac mic (so I'm peaking out) and I gave up on the recording because my husband got home and the dogs were about to go nuts. The other recording of Your Song is done in my head/mixed voice. They sound like they've been done by two different people My question it ok to keep working low in belt to try to reach a better mix? Am I pushing too hard? Anything else that you want to share?
  6. Bevin Hernandez

    Chest Voice, Mixed Voice, Head Voice, Whistle Notes, Oh my

    By the way - I'm also trying to subscribe here, but the "Payment" link comes up completely blank - I'm using chrome on a Mac - any ideas? ...and never mind - it's back, it worked just fine!
  7. For years I sang as a very high soprano (I believe I'd be classified as a lyric soprano), doing a lot of Classical and Broadway stuff. After about a 20 year break where the most singing I did was in the shower due to raising kids, I started singing again, but now I'm being called upon to sing mostly Pop/Rock, and I'm struggling a little. I have a "soft and mellow" chest voice that I can mix easily through the middle and up into my upper registers, then through to very high whistle with no effort. That's good but it doesn't really work for the genre except during emotional moments. I have a mixed voice that I can access from middle C on up. At least I think it's mixed. It's strong, but it is definitely not a belt. Then I have this very limited "strong low belt" voice that I can't seem to transition into my mixed voice through. I can pop into head, but of course that's ugly and all I get is a soft head voice, but it takes me a few more notes to adjust back to mixed. In my strong low belt, I sing like a tenor (I'm female) and can't really even hit an alto range. For reference, my belt is strong from D3-G4. Above G4 it cracks badly. My head voice can go through to beyond C6. I'm very confused by all of this. I speak very low, and often times people are confused by my singing voice because my speaking voice is so different. This leads me to believe it's a technique issue but after reading and watching and trying to learn I'm not sure what I'm missing. Any pointers to exercises that may help me sort this would be terrific.