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  1. It started couple of days ago when I tried to sing notes that I sing fine. Those notes became an awful voice... I can't say how it sounded like even on my own language. It was like silent voice mixed with a bit scream. I don't know how my voice damaged or changed in one day. At that day when it happened I was having a little sore throat from the morning to evening after I coughed several times. I think that even if I have caught a cold it can't be the cause of my problem because I it never happened when I had caught a cold(not including times when I had my throat messed up). I'm 18 year old guy and I'm a smoker, I smoke over 1 year what I regret most of all. Also I sing in a band, So guys what do you think will my voice come back in the future? Or please tell me what caused this problem if you can... Thanks in advance.