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  1. As far as low notes go D2 is the last one to produce strong bass tones, C#2,C2 are not too impressive. All up to C4 sounds alright. There is a noticeable point in my falsetto at D#5 where it loses some of it's tone and my voice almost breaks ,as if it entered some post-falsetto register, but D#5 is too low for whistle isn't it, probably just bad technique:) Prior that point it sounds good. I have got no idea who i sound like. I can do good Jim Morrison impressions when he's not screaming.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I went very loud this time. Previously i didn't go too strong. Before i was actually entering falsetto early at B3 am sure. This time i went loud and with some practice i got to G4 it was very difficult and strained, it's was last sustained note then my voice broke in attempt to go higher in head voice. I tried to push it in various ways ,but sometimes i entered falsetto even earlier, I also noticed that i can falsetto very low, bottoming at D3. Great i got my statistics down, now i can track possible improvements from learning and practicing.
  3. Hello! I am 21 year old guy, completely new to singing,(a decent guitar player) and i have tried to measure my vocal range for few days now. My problem, probably a good thing actually, my voice doesn't ever break when i slide a note up. My lowest note is C2 but as i go up i don't notice a point where something would change, it just goes higher and thinner. My voice ends around F6 where it becomes the worst, squeezed, barely sustained falsetto you would have ever heard. Is there any way to measure where head voice ends and where i enter falsetto.