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  1. I guess I'm looking to hit it in my head voice and eventually developed it into my mix.
  2. 2:07-2:13 Actually I remember there were more in his Soul Punk album but I'm too lazy to look them up lol
  3. I agree. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's unfair for someone to say such and such skill "isn't really that difficult once you get it" to someone else who's still in the process of it. "A lot of people who can do things forget what it took to get them there." You took the words right out of my mouth.
  4. What do you think someone with a rock timbre singing runs? Lol. I'm thinking of Patrick Stump-ish. Although his technique is questionable lol.
  5. I've been learning how to do it for 5 years. Sat down for countless of hours trying to find it. And have watched countless videos including the ones you embedded.
  6. I guess when I said mouth shape I meant jaw movement. I'm sorry for the confusion! Yeah, when I first started singing I wanted a more 90s rock kinda sound(chestier mid and upper mid) and the video I embedded is more akin to a lighter pop sound. Personally I think my singing right now has little to none finesse, that's why I'm trying to pick up something more RnB. Also, I totally agree when you say "these skills don't necessarily translate between genres", because I don't think I sound good when I try to sing The Weeknd or smthg along the lines... Well, I think I mentioned in the other post the reason why I wanted to increase my range is because I wanted to hit the A5 in I Believe in A Thing Called Love by The Darkness. It's my absolute nightmare
  7. If I understood you correct, the movement of the jaw is basically a bi-product of healthy melisma execution and that there's no need to purposely force my jaw to move in order to execute them?
  8. If you break it down it sounds something like "lo-ve-uhs". On the -uh, she opens her mouth and lowers her jaw slightly. If you break down melismas/runs/riffs they're just different notes sung on the same syllable. It's just that. The harder thing to do however is executing the different notes with agility, accuracy and seamlessness(legato). Just practice and I'm sure you'll get it!
  9. Got it. Rock has been my favourite genre when it comes to singing for as long as I could remember and I'm recently trying to pick up singing something more RnB and like you pointed out, most of the singers that have amazing melismas almost always have that jaw movement thingy. I tend to get clunky when I do that and my runs end up sounding flat and clumsy. Sounds like I need more practice. Also, does the jaw movement promote tension? Or is it totally okay for singing melismas The shape of his mouth reminds me a lot of what Robert teaches in TFPOS. Exposing the teeth and the "bite"
  10. Thank you for being the voice of reason, and I really appreciate how you could understand as singers we all want to get the most out of our voices. I have attempted to sing I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness and the A5 has been my nightmare for the longest of time. Also, I tried singing it with a lighter coordination like you suggested and I managed to squeak out couple of notes higher than E5, but I haven't managed to exactly "grasp" it yet to be able to sing it. It's extremely unstable and it's hit or miss. I think I still need to shed more of the outer vocal cord muscles and focus on bringing the thin edge muscles more closely together. Thanks for tip!
  11. ? I was challenged and presumed a failure before anything and it's only natural to show what I can do, which I did. So to turn around and say "with all the energy you've spent on here so far arguing with people you could have already solved your issue" is weak. No, Mastering Mix doesn't teach whistle. Also, if I already knew or could do it through watching YouTube videos, I wouldn't be here asking. I dunno, as a singer am I ever satisfied with my own voice? Definitely not. Am I always looking for ways to improve? Yes.
  12. What do you guys think about this guy's technique in terms of his agility? Does the shape of his mouth help with the insane vocal agility he has?
  13. I agree. I'm more of a top-down training kinda person. When I'm training I like to sing a certain note in my head voice first and let more adduction seep in little by little and slowly building resonance, that way I feel like I could avoid going louder in order to hit the note that follows, but I guess that doesn't apply in this case since I couldn't hit an F5 in my head voice anyways. I'll try that tomorrow since it's too late to be singing now haha. Also, is it just me or is head voice supposed to be loud? My roommates tell me all the time to keep it down when I thought I was singing in low-volume head voice.
  14. That's fair. I admit I went a little bonkers and I apologize for that haha. I really appreciate your input on this more than anyone else's cause I think you were the only one (maybe also YouCanSingAnything but I don't have a whistle register so...) who suggested me some approaches as to how I should sing those notes, as opposed to simply dismissing it. Thanks MDEW!