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  1. Thanks a lot! Sorry for not answering earlier but holiday came in between ! I am planning to switch to cubase!
  2. Hello, i am new to this forum and i am as you will hear not a trained singer. I started making some recordings and came across some problems i am not quite sure how to get rid of. I published this video on you tube which shows the problem: I get a lot of side noise and i am not quite sure what this could be caused by. My cables/ mic are not moving. What is the reason for the side noise? Any suggestions? Also very thankful for other tips how to get the job done better! I am singing through a cheap mic and recording in audacity, adding some reverb, that is all. My first record (Shape of my heart) was a little better regarding the side noise but i did not change anything aside form singing closer to the mic. Here is the You tube link Thanks for all help! Andy