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  1. Nebo

    MXL v67 VS sE X1

    And if we would compare SE x1 with AT2035 and AKG Perception 220?
  2. Nebo

    MXL v67 VS sE X1

    And if we take into consideration condenser sensitivity and recording room/space? This is my potential recording space. ROOM 1: Mic would face completely closed curtains and computer would be on the same spot, behind the mic. Across the curtains there is a mirror, but I can cover it or curtains would do enough for embracing the sound enough? Side doors can be closed for the sake of preventing echoes from the room next to it. ROOM 2: Mic would face curtains and the couch. Across the curtains there is a wall and a door that would be closed. Side doors would be closed for the sake of preventing echoes and computer fan from the ROOM 1. I have a pop filter and didn't plan buying reflection filter, but if needed I would. What room would you pick from these two? Do you have some other suggestions for easy sound isolation?
  3. Nebo

    MXL v67 VS sE X1

    I already own SM57 and have an idea of using both SM57 and that new mic I buy for recording covers. In that sense, I would buy complementary mic - they say sE X1 is more for rock/metal, higher pitch, screaming and v67 a more warmer mid-section pop player. For what singing style/genre is SM57 good for? Which one of these two models would be a good combination with SM57?
  4. Hey guys, I need a mic for my home studio as I'm starting recording covers - different genres (pop, rock, metal, country, jazz). I have that external sound card or preamp (right?). I plugin the mic to it and connect it on USB with the computer. I process the signal later in Cubase. I've been researching and two mics stood out - MXL v67 and sE X1. I've learned that v67 is a tube mic and sE is not, so they are not in the same category. How would you compare these two? From technical, sound and practical side. PS: sE x1 T actually is a tube mic but it's more expensive. How do you you compare it with MXL v67? Thanks in advance!