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  1. NO, it's actually free for the first year of distribution. $15 a year after that. And Spotify plays will actually MAKE you money if you buy enough! Anybody who is skeptical, I will offer you an even safer option that is 100% Risk-Free. I will give you a sample of 1,000 plays (or more, because these are real plays you may get more this guaranteed) for free, just to try out the system!
  2. I'm starting out, that's why it's low for now. As I get more clients, I will likely up the price.
  3. Do you have music on Spotify, iTunes, etc? If you do not, we offer services to post your single, albums, or EPs on up to 14 major music platforms cheap! If you have music on Spotify, we can jumpstart you with tremendous amounts of plays for very cheap prices. If you earn royalties on your music, you can actually make money off of these 100% organic plays. Lemme know what you think! 1,000 Plays - $10 ($4) 5,000 Plays- $40 ($20) 10,000 Plays- $75 ($40) 50,000 Plays- $350 ($200) 100,000 Plays- $500 ($400) 200,000 Plays- $750 ($800) 500,000 Plays- $1500 ($2000) 1,000,000 Plays- $2500 ($4000) 2,000,000 Plays- $4750($ 8000) those are our prices, the prices in the parentheses is how much you would make off of the plays if you made .004 cents per play. (.004 cents per day is the lowest amount of royalties given by spotify.
  4. Please leave a comment below if u are interested in getting ur track mastered for only $5!