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  1. Thanks for the tip. I'll have a look around. Used my ART Tube MP today alongside a reslo ribbon mic and it sounded exquisite!!
  2. Vocals, but I'm not fussed about what the pedal was originally designed for if I can have some fun with it.
  3. I'm after playing with VFX live, starting with an Art Tube MP preamp. Don't want to spend loads on something That might not work out so I'm looking for some pedals to play with around the £20 mark. I know there are a lot of great Vocal pedals out there that do everything for a princely sum. However, I'm a sound engineer at heart and have the budget to spend a little at a time on a custom setup. Any suggestions on effects that work well with vox would also be appreciated. The Art Tube should give me a little overdrive if I push it and I like a bit of Mogwai so maybe some tremolo would work for that, but any old pedals that people have sat around begging for a new home would be a great place to start.