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  1. I was chosing another song to work on and I stumbled upon this one. It has "high" notes (for my standard) and low notes. Definitely difficult for me. Insights appreciated. Cheers!
  2. That's really great to hear... I will be thinking on the next stuff I'm gonna work on. Thanks for the review. Cheers!
  3. That's absolutely true, and it's also my story. Until I was 21 (just before I started singing), my shy and bullied self had made my speaking voice soft/fragile (more high than low) like a Chinese vase. I had no idea I had an insanely low/powerful/resonant/ baritone voice hidden inside. When I started to sing, it was an incredible discovery. I was sure I was "going to be a tenor". It just didn't make any sense. So, the question that still bugs me is: which voice is the natural one? My fragile speaking voice that I used throughout most of my life? Or the low baritone voice that comes out when I sing? Or maybe none of the previous answers? I think that this "natural voice" thing, as you said, is very complex and hard to get.
  4. Done within less than 24 hours, as promised! I think that those 2 tips (lifting the upper lip to expose the canine teeh, and singing in the "mask") were really great. Especially the lip thing (which is something I've always seen many singers doing and never understood exactly why)!
  5. Those words means a lot coming from such a great teacher as you. I'm gonna keep trying hard to improve!
  6. Your voice really nice. It shines on the lower notes, which is uncommon for a woman. I'd recommend working on lower songs and exploring that. Have you heard of Róisín Murphy? You sound a bit like her in the lower register. Maybe a Murphy cover...
  7. Your timbre is really nice, but you should buy a nicer mic... this microphone makes it painful to try and find your voice in the muffled mix. About the more technical details, I think you should buy a membership/review... It's really worth it.
  8. Sounded very professional IMO. The forum experts probably will find problems as their vision is sharper, but I am no expert so I found it pretty great!
  9. Thanks a lot! My name is Rodrigo though, Noriel is the late great samba singer that I admire so much! It's Portuguese! But can you tell me the pitch of the note? I try to remove the original vocals, but some of it always remains... It's always a pain... lol. The track I use as a background is a "semi-karakoke-track", I would say. Mission given, mission accomplished! Gonna do that within the next 24h.
  10. The pitch of this song is like a rollercoaster (for me, at least), and this has caused me serious problems all the times I've tried to sing it. I finally managed to get an overall grasp of it, but I don't know if it's acceptable or not. I would like to hear what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong. (Also, PLEASE someone tell me the note at 1:10 minutes!) Cheers!!
  11. Weird enough, that pitch (D2-G3) is pretty much my comfort zone... If I go an octave higher, I get lost. Actually, if I start to hit middle-Cs and beyond, things start to go bad... If you browse through my Soundcloud, you can see that all my songs are sung in the Arnaldo Antunes / Leonard Cohen range (these 2 dudes are my biggest inspirations to sing). I'm gonna definitely purchase a membership or some reviews to try and investigate the origin of this problem further.
  12. Think of the sound of the male teenagers' voice when they're in puberty, getting lower, and sometimes they crack. I bet some of you know that sound. It's what happens to me, all the time, in my middle range and my lower range. It gets better after 10-15 minutes of warmups, but I'm still not confident that it won't crack. I can't imagine myself singing live, for example. Hell... On the verge of hitting THAT important note, and then... CRACK! I've been smoking for more than 4 years now (which was also when I started singing). My voice also changed quite a bit since then (from a mid/lighter baritone to a mid/lower baritone) and I've learned everything I know, but, as you see, not all gains were positive... Any help on how to deal with this... Anything... is welcome. (about quitting smoking... I'm trying as hard as I can)
  13. I think of what you just described as a "cancer" in my singing technique. Yeah... it took me off guard. I'd just like to know if it has "metastasized" too much (how far has it impregnated my technique)... if you know what I mean. If you could just listen to one more song and tell me if I'm making these sames mistakes I'd be really grateful.
  14. I think I got what you meant. I think that this speech-like singing is a comfort zone that I got into, thinking that it would make my singing more stable or something along these lines. Is this really such a bad idiosincrasy, may I ask?
  15. I'd like to purchase a couple of reviews, but the dollar is very expensive here in Brazil at this exact moment. Maybe a special price? lol If not possible... if I receive some money as chrismas gift maybe I can get one or two reviews. As Robert stated in another thread, you gotta invest in what's important to you. Thanks anyway!