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  1. As a beginning singer, what kind of range would be acceptable or typical? What improvement can be hoped for after some practice?
  2. Hokay I'm new here. Don't know anything about the care and feeding of the voice box. I just have an opinion I'd like to express. If this has been brought up before or many times then I apologize for boring anyone. IMHO there's two kinds of singers, those who seem to have a natural voice that sounds good, and the others who start out with a crappy, unmusical tone you wouldn't find entertaining to listen to, but who can eventually hit a lot of high and low notes if they practice enough. I don't want to name any names because it's a subjective thing, ie both types sell a lot of records,
  3. Don't ever strain or yell. Even if you are young and tough, be careful with your larynx. You have one body, be easy on it.
  4. Yes I'm also glad Draven chimed in, I've been worried for a long time about it, I was never a singer strictly speaking, because of neglecting to practice it, and thought I'd lost it totally, so it's good to know I can get some back.
  5. No, no vocal coach or anything, that's why I'm here, to do some research etc. I do have a medical check up coming up, is a GP able to look at my vocal cords or is that too deep to go for a GP I wonder?
  6. Hi I'm from MA. I sang when a teen and I'm way past that now age-wise. I had a 3 piece rock band yrs ago and did way too much yelling and now I'm positive I've got nodes which I'm really embarrassed about admitting to. Anyway I can't claim to be a singer but want to get help and repair what I can if that's possible. If I sing very quietly I can hit more notes than if I try to use any volume at all. I think I really did it this time and hope I can get some back. So I need to do some research on vocal cord damage and I'm all ears if anyone has anything to say on the matter.
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