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  1. Hello, writing in behalf of my wife. A professional singer who 25 years ago received a life saving liver transplant. Cut into her diaphragm.. her breathing, mechanics, all were altered. She has had other medical issues and has only sung with the local Chorale and Opera. However, she got the spark and her singing partner from those 25 years ago have come together and are creating an Xmas set to go around and sing for assisted living homes. And she wants to expand from there. I am doing everything I can to support her in this return to expanding her singing again. My questions are… any recommendations for software to help her vocalize? Any operating system works, tho she is familiar with her Android pad. Any operating system tho is A-ok. As in scales exercises. Breathing exercises. Beginning vocal training software tools. Anything that she could dip in to and work her instrument for 30-60 minutes a day. I have been researching but I am not a singer (former ballet dancer) so I am turning to the community for help. Am just looking for advice towards the above need… vocal exercises, vocal training… and she also wants to learn how to site read too. And yes, she has worked with vocal coaches in the past too. And her work with the Colorado Springs Chorale and opera society provide her with excellent warm up and performance work, to keep her instrument moving. She needs to expand this tho to more than once a week until performance. Ya, she can sing. Have to add to this that after her transplant, she was asked to sing the national anthem for the Colorado Rockies in the inaugural season for a “transplant dedication day”. Al Jarreau was in town and asked if he could sing that same day and was on the field in case Diana wasn't up to the task. She was. She began acapella and the first couple of bars, she was nervous on top of the post surgery wreckage on her body was very hard. However, that she had been singing 5 nights a week for 5 hours a night, for years, in front of audiences, experience kicked in. You could feel the 76,000 people in the stands grimace thinking 'poor thing', transplant and all… not up to the task. Well, I saw her grip the ground with her feet, get her next breath, and she blew the place up. Aside from people going nuts when she finished, two most excellent things were Al Jarreau came up to me and said “damn, that girl can SING”. Yup. And as we were walking off the field, people were still clapping and cheering her when one guy yelled out… “Now THAT is how the National Anthem is supposed to be sung.” Pretty cool. So… that's why I am working to help Diana acquire tools to help her as she builds up her instrument. Any advice to the above questions would be much, much appreciated.