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  1. when I say "training", I am referring to the muscles I use while singing, I dont have a vocal instructor/teacher. I am afraid that i may end up forming really bad vocal habits if I "train" or practice singing the wrong way. Im not sure if I am using my voice the wrong or right way when signing, last thing i need is for my vocals to get adapted to singing in a horrible manner.
  2. For the past few months i have started seriously practicing to improve my singing voice. this is a difficult thing to do since my singing voice is probably one of the worst you have ever heard. I tried so many different techniques on my voice but all my attempts resulted in tragedy.....until today I understand That I still have a very long way to go before my voice becomes somewhat decent, but I think I made break through today, I think I may be on the right path but I would love to get some honest feedback for my singing. I feel that if I continue to practice and train my voice the wrong way, that i might actually develop bad singing habits, honestly I think I already have done this and it is horrible. I would love to hear if you guys think I should keep practicing or just give up. So the craziest thing happened today, I was just chilling doing nothing when a random yawn hit me, believe or not but this yawn is what helped me improve my voice 10 fold. as i let out the yawn I heard and felt my voice make a beautiful sound, I then applied the same technique of yawning into my way of singing, its hard to explain but its like I simply opened up the back of my throat and sing from the inside of my chest/stomach area. I know my voice is not good, but I do think I made some decent progress, keep in mind that i literally just learned this new way of singing a few hours ago so i intend to practice using this technique unless you guys think I should continue searching for a better way of singing. I uploaded 2 recordings, one is labeled "before" and the other is labeled "after" the "before" recording is from last night and the "after" is from this morning. https://www.chirbit.com/xxdutchiexx/playlist/nmHGa
  3. thanks! i will continue to experiement with different techniques until i find one that works for me. its kinda over whelming a bit because i can see there is literally thousands of different ways to use my voice for singing, like from the very sound of my voice to the resonance and vibe of my voice. there is so many different ways and methods to do things like compressing the voice while transitioning from one note to the other in such a way it sounds bad ass. i have sooo many thing to test >.<
  4. i really like singing, but sadly, i am horrible at singing.....not even joking, i am really, really bad, but, every now and then i seem to get lucky and end up hitting the proper notes and pitch of the song perfectly.it even surprises me when this happens 0.o for a short moment my voice sounds really amazing, like, professional amazing, its flawless, how ever, the problem is that i cant seem to consistently produce the random feats i achieve. so over the past couple weeks, i have been constantly recording myself while i experiment with different techniques and methods for singing.for hours every day, i will practice and test all different types things. and i think i may have actually pin pointed the cause of my horrible singing. hopefully you guys can tell me if this theory of mine is correct or not. i have been trying to figure out what exactly separates a good singer from a bad singer, like, what exactly is a good singer doing with there body to make them sound good.there must be at least one thing that all good singers do in order to sound good. i have noticed that while singing, i instinctively attempt to push out every word separately. its hard to explain, its like my breath pauses after each word and then i try to push out the next word with the remaining air i have left in me. this makes its really hard for me to hit the right note/key/pitch, sometimes i get lucky and it works, but most the times i fail. so to try and fix this problem, i attempted to string together all the words i was singing. its hard to explain, its like i would hold a single tone and stretch it out, while doing this, i found it is so much easier to control my voice when doing this. its like i almost have full control of my voice, i become able to easily and smoothly transition between notes, i become able to blend one note into the next, this makes me sound a lot better, it does not make me sound to good, but it definitely makes me sound so much better and its a lot easier for me to do. if anyone that is a good singer is reading this, do you hold the notes and blend them together or do you actually cut off your breath after each word?
  5. not sure but what i do know is that the current man claiming to have the deepest voice aint got shit on me lol but seriously, my voice does not like reaching high notes at all, and when i say high notes, i actually mean notes that a very high at all to the average person. it seems like the deepness of my voice prevents me from singing at the right pitch or note, it just sounds weird bright side, my voice sounds amazing when i rap lmao........and girls love my voice
  6. here you go fyi, i made it as loud as possible so you can hear it better so you may want to turn down your pc's volume lol. also, listen closely at the end, i hit a really low tone, i did go even deeper but my mic can not pick it up ( i have a shitty mic) deepestPssible.mp3
  7. haha challenge accepted!! that recording was just using my normal speaking voice, wasnt trying to go deep, how ever, im willing to see how deep i cant get, sadly, there is a limit to the lowest sound a mic can pick up, hell, most peoples ears have a hard time hearing my lowest tone lol.