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  1. So since this is basically a "journal" per say - i saw some other posts and they had their progress which was pretty cool. I don't think i'll be posting audios anytime soon but i can update atleast on some things that happened right after i had this discussion in this thread. Now, it wasn't directly related to anything anyone said here, it has more to do with what i said here " Looks like i need to start forgetting what i learned from those other programs and just start from complete scratch through T4P method. I was trying to fuse some stuff from other programs with T4P, and i guess that's not the best idea. Or if anything i should evaluate what causes possible conflict with T4P and remove it accordingly." I changed my vocal routine, adjusted my "priorities", basically i feel my routine had some exercises and such that were giving me great results (aside from TVS) so i was giving more priority to such. Which now it seems it was indeed a mistake. Now to be fair, i was still improving in some way almost every single day. But with this "adjusted" priorities - i mean - basically giving much more focus to T4P. It's way better. I was giving it in my opinion a good amount of focus and repetition already, but obviously not enough. I think i mentioned already above that i'm reckless when it comes to practicing, i pretty much practice all day honestly. And before although i was improving, i was getting fatigued fairly often. I still haven't had long to properly test this new routine, but i can certainly say that just yesterday (being the first day of trying it). As opposed to my previous routine which i always felt like something was missing, it just felt like my voice was not responding completely so i was giving it rest days, and i started re-valuating my priorities (which included breathing which is what drove me to make the post, and i am also giving that more priority now). It feels like my voice started warming up much faster, getting clarity, stability, agility, texture, stamina, consistency (which is something i struggle with a bit)). It was a great feeling. So far today it looks to be going great again, it's a great feeling to feel like you can actually hear as your voice warms up and gets stronger pretty fast. Before giving T4P more priority/practice time i felt like my voice was just inconsistent. Obviously it's just the 2nd day of re-adjusting, but it feels permanent. Funny thing is i did it right the first couple of weeks (giving it enough time) but then i felt like i didn't want to feel like "i wasted my money on other programs" so i started trying to balance the other techniques with T4P. And odd things started happening, still improving, but way slower. And of course as i mentioned voice getting fatigued and being inconsistent. I guess this foolish experience of mine just serves as an example of, if you're not getting results from T4P, you must certainly be doing something wrong. In this case for me, i was getting results, but not to the complete extent capable because of lack of practice time given to such. Which the thing is, i was still giving about rougly an hour to it. But giving it more certainly amplified results. And besides, to be fair i understand the T4P concepts better now than at the start, as well as the routine is more natural as opposed to having to constantly watch videos again to "grasp it" better or remind myself for safety or reassurance that i'm doing it right. I'm currently doing Breathing exercises, FBR, Integrated Routines (Mostly Onsets on Melodic 5ths aka what Robert does in his demonstrations). And then i do my other stuff, which btw, T4P seems to enhance the effects of my other preferred exercises aside from T4P. Which is really cool. I might update further, but hopefully just that gives some insight to anyone that goes through a similar situation. Yes i'm quite the ranter i know. Wish this foolish soul luck. (i will certainly review the program eventually, just want to experience it completely before i do so i can have much more to say aka do it justice)
  2. Ah, now i feel stupid. LOL, i must have missed it. That's awesome though, i'm glad!.
  3. Damm, how you phrased that was especially inspirational, more so coming from you the sensei. I noticed you just posted that on youtube i think. But I was about to suggest that the video and that exact post from you i feel should have a place somewhere in the T4P. If it isn't there already (if it is i must be blind). But yea, maybe in the Critical Success Factors or Inspirational Quotes. I think it would serve a great purpose for people starting their training too see that, as well as students who are struggling or "losing faith" in the process, to come to that section and read that from time to time. Cause it can be quite a journey i'd say, such things help to stay committed. Heck just provide a link to the forum where it's at, i just think it holds value.
  4. What a detailed reply!, love it. Thank you Robert for answering in such a thoughtful manner. I will make sure to remember your advice here and apply it. Funny thing is before i started T4P i was doing a lot of breathing exercises, stuff like 360 breath / hiss / root the breath exercises / so i may be decent or good in that aspect. But the problem i have is remembering to conciously use it both in training and in singing. As in support. Some programs i studied with just basically said "it's natural, you don't have to focus on it". Some others basically focused all their time on it and made it out like it was like 90% of singing. So that conflicted me and i just ended up focusing on other things. Looks like i need to start forgetting what i learned from those other programs and just start from complete scratch through T4P method. I was trying to fuse some stuff from other programs with T4P, and i guess that's not the best idea. Or if anything i should evaluate what causes possible conflict with T4P and remove it accordingly. And btw, why i bring it up is because i do feel that my voice fatigues frequently, but maybe that's not related to breathing issues, although i gotta admit. I don't shut up!! i'm always singing and training for long periods of time. So i gotta work on that maybe. Is tough to not sing, sometimes it just happens. Or if anything i might do what robert suggests in this case, instead of singing all that time, replace it with being "Mr Buzz a lot" or "Mr Lift and Pull back a lot". Anyways thanks for the answer Robert. And yes! i love that movie. Very inspirational. And relatable too as a student, he was frustated and thought he was being played because it "didn't look" important. But all along he was building a foundation without even knowing it. Priceless.
  5. Wow! ok, i just checked out his video, he seems to have other interesting stuff too, i wasn't aware off his channel. Thanks for sharing Draven. That gives me a lot to think about and experiment with. Funny enough i probably heard of the "leaning" concept somewhere along my "attempts" at studying singing etc. But i guess it just didn't sink in. So i'll be trying this out. Thanks again for all the thoughtful replies man!.
  6. Wow! - interesting. So basically instead of down and out, you now prefer tighten the stomach?. That's what i understood. Maybe it's more elaborate than that, and i just didn't understand completely. Have you and robert talked about such?, i don't believe T4P mentions tighten stomach breathing?. So that could be an interesting conversation. And maybe a similar concept could appear in a future T4P update, who knows. Thanks for sharing Draven!.
  7. Wow, that example certainly helps to just realize and emphasize the importance of support then. If i may ask, are you going full appogio? or just doing certain aspects?. As in, extrinsic anchoring/pushing down and out/ open throat?. Before starting to study T4P what i saw most programs taught was just pushing down and out. Well, some didn't even talk about it. But that's usually what you see mentioned. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your experience/thoughts, i'm equally interested on the importance of it used in training though. As it certainly seems to be a concious thing one must practice. I need to be more concious about it. Btw, not sure if it matters now. But Dravens testimonial on youtube was the main one that informed me on the effectiveness of the program. I probably bought the program not long after that. Seeing him participate in the forums is cool and just reinforces the testimonial.
  8. First of all, just thought it would be nice to point out that i sent this question to Rob by email. And he sent me here, so that he could answer it in public and everyone could benefit. What a nice guy Rob is. Been learning a lot from his program, still studying and working on all the stuff, registered not long ago. It's quite a lot of content to fully diggest and grasp!. And most of all, actually apply!. Which is awesome of course, haven't had a course as detailed/comprehensive as this one. Not even close. Before i bought it i was actually wondering why many people called it "comprehensive", now it makes total sense. And the time i spent wondering on if i should get it, could have been spent further studying and applying the techniques. So i encourage others to start ASAP. On to the question, might be a rather simple question, that i probably know the answer too but just am not concious enough to apply it, it can be easy to forget. So of course asking will save me the doubts. And hopefully others as well. This quote from the program/book "Engaging the respiratory system sufficiently to optimize your phonations as a singer is not intuitive for the body. Even after 30 years of singing, training and teaching around the world, i still, to this day, have to be very conscientious of engaging my respiratory support when i train and sing. If i do not, just like everyone else, i start sounding like a duck (and get tired from all the squeezing)." So basically what i took from this was, concious support is mandatory, both in training and singing. Basically you should ALWAYS engage some sort of support. Both in training and singing?. Now i didn't include this part in the email but i want too add a question, how "key" is this?. I think a lot of students these days need a lot of "value guidance" in order to fully recognize what they should be working on. It seems self explanatory, but on a scale of 1/5 - i'd like to know where this stands specifically in your program. Just for perspective. Which btw reminds me of a feature i really liked in the program, in which Rob basically does what i just said. He outlines the most "key" lessons to work on of every section/module. And of course each one also has long detailed descriptions/ illustrations / examples / and my favorite - benefits and troubleshooting. He clearly put A LOT of effort into this. Very thoughtful effort, might i add. Since a lot of programs out there don't go into such detail. Anyways, That's the question. (With some extra rambling included). Heck in a sense that's a mini review. Although i could say a lot more. Rob deserves the praise. Also thanks Rob for encouraging me to get registered, there is clearly a lot of value in this forum i was missing on.