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  1. Hey guys I'm new to the forum and would like to ask you all a question. I've always wanted to sing since as long as I can remember, I was fine with it when I was younger, I even sung on stage a few times, but now that I'm older singing terrifies me, I can't even sing when I'm alone in my room and when I try I'm really quiet as if I physically can't do it, like I'm just insanely worried that I sound bad. I've looked up on how to improve, a lot of people have suggested that I practice scales, but I worry that I sound like a idiot doing scales and vocal warm-ups, I've also looked into vocal coaches, but they're really expensive (like some were £30 for 40 minutes and that was one of the fairly cheap ones) and I'm a student so I can't afford that.... Any tips or ideas on how to get over my fear of singing? Thanks for any help